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Fishermen Discover Something Unusual Sitting on a Lone Iceberg. When They Got Closer, They Were Stunned

Three fisherman were in the waters just offshore of Labrador, Canada. They knew the area well and were aware they had to navigate between icebergs and other objects. They soon saw something off in the distance on one of those large icebergs.

They weren’t sure what they were looking at until they were practically up on the mysterious animal. When they figured out what was going on, they knew they had to spring into action.


Crab Fishing

Mallory Harrigan, Allan Russell, and Cliff Russell are three friends who often go fishing together. The fishermen had bought a boat together and started their own small commercial fishing company in Labrador, Canada.

The seas there are cold, and the icebergs that are stationed there prove that. Mallory, Allan, and Cliff know the waters like the backs of their hands and just loved being on the boat spending the day fishing.

Small Business

Mallory, Allan, and Cliff loved the cold Canadian waters there so much that they started a small business together. Since they knew almost every species of fish and crab in the area, it only made sense.

When they first opened their business, they didn’t know what to expect. They planned on making their venture a full fledged career and were banking on their knowledge to help them get there.

On the Sea

The three friends usually started their day just before sunrise. The best fishing always happened before the sun was fully up. Although they usually trawled for crabs, there were times where they also hauled local fish that they sold to restaurants and other businesses in the area.

They didn’t have a huge company, but they did well for themselves. Not many could say they did what they loved for a career.

Steady Business

When they first started out, their client list was small. However, with hard work and determination, they grew their business into something quite successful and steady. The three friends were proud that they managed to navigate through the industry with relative ease.

They now had a long list of clientele they worked with on a daily basis, and they were still growing. Life couldn’t get any better for the three of them.

A Strong Bond

The three fishermen helped each other wherever they could. What they lacked, someone else could come in and help pick up the slack. They rarely had any arguments as they worked for hours alongside each other.

They all worked together seamlessly, and it showed in their work and fish production each day. The close quarters only helped them when it came to communication and working together. Their bond was tight.

Hours at Sea

Their day lasted for hours. Haul after haul brought them pounds of crabs and fish. The more they brought to the surface, the more money they made. Although it was grueling work, Mallory, Allan, and Cliff didn’t want it any other way.

They had learned the trade from their families, and fishing was in their blood. If they weren’t on the water, they weren’t truly happy. This was what they were meant to do.

Bumps and Bruises

When each day ended, the friends were thoroughly exhausted. Each fishing trip made for a grueling work day, and it showed on their faces and bodies.

There was never a time when they stepped off the boat for the evening that they didn’t have bumps, bruises, and scratches on their skin. The crabs and fish can have sharp appendages that make it very easy to get minor injuries all the time. By now, they were all used to it.

Early Morning

This particular morning, Mallory was excited to see what the sea held for them. The weather was biting but tolerable, and the sunrise was fantastic to look at. She was the first one to arrive on the boat that day, so she started to get things ready for their journey.

Within a few minutes, Allan and Cliff joined her on deck. They said their good mornings and began working alongside Mallory.

Long List

They had a long checklist to go through each morning. If they forget a supply or tool, it was a huge headache as they needed to come back to port to get it after traveling for miles into the middle of the ocean.

So, every morning when they were all there, they went over their list and checked it twice. Once they went through that, they were ready to start up the engine and head out to start fishing and crabbing.

Fun Times

The friends were chatting away while they got their boat ready. Even though they spent hours and hours together every day, it was as if they had been away from each for days. They were always joking around and telling stories to pass the time.

As they wrapped up their preparations, the sun had just crested over the horizon. It was a sign to them, that it was time to go before the day got away from them.

Miles Away

After they got the boat and deck ready for the day, they started the boat and headed a few miles offshore from Labrador. The waters were calm like normal, and there was a chill in the air. The friends found their usual spot for perfect crabbing.

The water depth was just right, and the crabs kept coming back each time they went there. Mallory and her friends got the cages ready to throw into the water.

Last Preparations

As they let the boat’s motor idle, they immediately got to work. Since they did most of the preparations before they left, the remainder of their to-do list was short and sweet.

They got the cages ready to drop into the water and made sure the ropes were secured and tightened around them. They could do all of this with their eyes closed. It was part of their daily routine, and it had quickly become old hat.

End of Season

Once the cages wee in place, they slowly started to drag the cage on the sea bed. This was where the best crabs lived. They all hoped that they were going to hit the jackpot today with their loads.

They have been having a good crabbing season so far, and now that it was coming to an end they wanted to finish in a big way. This was their best year yet.

First Catch

As the cages dragged on the floor, one of them manned the wheel while the other two stayed in the back to watch the cages and to make sure the lines didn’t get tangled up as they slowly trudged along.

The trio shouted commands at each other as the minutes ticked by. After a few more minutes, the first catch of the day was ready to be taken up and out of the water.

A Good Sign

When they pulled the first cages up, they were impressed with what they saw. The crabs were plentiful in the area, and it was a sign that they were going to have a very good day. They had banked on finishing out their week strong, and this didn’t disappoint.

As they went through the first batch of crabs, there were high fives all around. They couldn’t wait to get those cages back in the water.

A Successful Day

There were a lot of crabs that were waiting to be caught by them this morning. Mallory, Allan, and Cliff were excited their catches were going so well. This was probably one of the best days they’ve had in a couple of weeks.

Once they were done in their first location, they were ready to move on a bit deeper into the water. Mallory estimated that they should go about four miles from shore to catch some more.

Colder Water

As they made their way towards deeper waters, they scouted for their next location. They didn’t come to this area very often, so it was more unfamiliar to them than where they were just at.

Mallory got out the binoculars to start looking or the best spot to head to. They had to be especially careful in this area since they were headed to a colder sea. Ice and snow were starting to show on the surface.

Cold Sea Air

They slowly navigated threw the new water. As they checked their coordinates, they figured that they could travel a few more miles before setting up shop.

The birds had now thinned out above them, and every now and then they saw a group of seals lying about on the icebergs. It was so calm and serene here, and they three friends soaked in the salt and sea while the chilly wind hit their faces.

Icy Waters

The Labrador Sea was very cold. There were huge icebergs that were scattered all across the water that Mallory and the rest of the crew had to look out for. Some of the icebergs were quite large, and if their boat mistakenly ran into one of them, it could spell disaster.

Luckily, they were all well versed in boating and traversing the tricky waters. Two were the lookout while one steered the boat.

In the Distance

As they were headed towards their second location, Allan spotted something off in the distance and pointed it out to Mallory and Cliff. They weren’t quite sure what it was, but it was just sitting on a small iceberg.

After a few more seconds of watching, Mallory just shrugged it off as a lone seal. There were a lot of them in the area, and maybe this one was just sunning itself.

Keep Going

They continued through the water. There were a lot of icebergs here, so they weren’t surprised that they saw an animal sunning itself on one of them.

When they were last here, they saw many seals in the are that came up above the water to eat or relax. No one thought anything of it when they saw the small dot off in the distance. Animals were routinely part of the scenery.

Getting Close

The other two agreed that it was probably a seal. It wasn’t uncommon, and they have seen plenty on icebergs in the past. However, Allan kept looking at the lone animal. There was something that was nagging him about it.

He took a pair of binoculars that were sitting on deck and took another look. This animal wasn’t moving like a seal at all. However, he still couldn’t tell what that was on the iceberg.

A Strange Animal

Allan let the guys in on his thoughts. He didn’t think that was a seal off in the distance, it had to be another arctic animal. He couldn’t really tell what he was looking at through the binoculars, but the animal wasn’t moving like a seal does.

The other two passed around the other set of binoculars to take a look at what Allan was seeing. They agreed that he may be right. However, no one could guess what that animal really was.

Curious and Concerned

They really had to get back to fishing, but couldn’t stop looking at that unknown animal on the faraway iceberg. Curiosity was getting the best of them, and they all wanted to find out what it truly was.

At this point, they had racked their brain on what animal it could be. If it wasn’t a seal, they weren’t sure what else could make its way to the middle of the open sea.

Getting Colder

They circled around the iceberg to try and get a better look at the situation in front of them. The boat was still pretty fall out, so they used their binoculars to try and get a better grip on things.

As they traveled through the water, they also had to keep an eye on any smaller chunks of ice that were scattered around everywhere. The wind was picking up as well.

Freezing Conditions

As the wind picked up, it got noticeably colder. Whatever was on there had to have been just as cold as the trio were. Now that they were nearing the iceberg, they saw fur on the animal, and it appeared to be soaking wet as well.

They weren’t sure if it was native to the water of somehow got stranded at sea. Their fishing trip has long been on hold to investigate what was going on a bit further.

Moving Around

The animal was pacing back and forth from what Allan could see. He told Mallory and Cliff that it wasn’t a seal. There was no way it could move around like that. They all agreed that they needed to go and take a look.

Mallory adjusted the boat’s coarse, so they could float by the small iceberg. The water had gotten considerably choppier now that it was midday. They had to be careful not to knock into the ice.

Chilly Weather

They were beyond curious now. What was on that small iceberg, and how did it get out there? The clouds were starting to creep in, and the weather conditions weren’t as favorable as they were an hour ago.

Should they proceed with their unexpected trip towards the iceberg? The friends were all on the same page and wanted to figure out if the animal there was in danger or a native of the icy water.

Floating Slow

The boat was floating very slow on the water. They weren’t used to be this deep into the sea and were unfamiliar with how the currents worked out here. They didn’t want to travel against the waves, so they let the water do most of the work.

The steering was very careful as well. The larger ice chunks could do major damage to their boat. They didn’t want to risk gutting a large hole in their vessel that could result in them jumping into the water.

Easy Traveling

Mallory motioned for her two friends to take it very easy while they were looking over the sides of the boat. The waves were making their boat move more than usual, and it was easy to accidentally fall in.

The deck was slippery, and they weren’t anchored down to anything to stop that fall. She could tell they were getting more excited as the time went on, as was she.

Icy and Choppy

There was a strong gust of wind that moved their boat slightly to the right towards the iceberg. Mallory had to be extra careful not to accidentally hit the ice. If the boat grazed an iceberg the wrong way, that could lead to catastrophe.

The waves picked up, and the three friends noticed that the small iceberg was moving in the water. This wasn’t good for whatever animal was on it.

Staying Calm

They were all worried that the small animal was going to fall into the water or get scared and jump in. Mallory was extra cautious as the boat made its way towards the moving iceberg.

It was a hard thing to do, but she kept her eyes trained on the small berg and the ice around it. If she could just make it a few more hundred feet, they could be in a good position to determine what animal it was and what to do next.

Move Fast

This was new territory for all of them. If they do make it to the iceberg, then what? Also, they had to figure out how they were going to get back home.

The ice was thick in some areas, and with the day half over, they had to be aware of the time so that they are not traveling these waters in the dark. They needed to move quickly and think smart.

A Dangerous Race

The iceberg was moving at a pretty good pace. The boat was following close behind. Mallory knew it was a race for time if they wanted to find out what was on that iceberg.

She guided the boat through the chop and finally caught up to the iceberg and looked over at the animal. This was when they finally realized what was going on. This was not what they expected.

Shivering Animal

The animal had four legs and was shaped similar to a small dog, although they knew that this wasn’t someone’s long lost pet. As they got closer to the berg, their eyes grew with wonder as it stared back at them and followed their movements at every turn.

It was soaking wet like they thought and shivering with the cold and windy conditions. The three friends all looked at each other. It was as if they instantly knew what they were looking at.

Arctic Fox

They were all staring at an Arctic Fox! It looked lost and afraid as it drifted further into the sea. The friends all wondered how it had got there. There was a band of seagulls that was circling on top of its head as if waiting for something ominous to happen.

The fox was soaked and shivering in the cold. Mallory, Allan, and Cliff could tell that if they didn’t save the fox, it was going to die out there.

Big Trouble

The three friends all knew they had to do something. They couldn’t just leave the fox out there to struggling in this weather and possibly perish. Time was running out though. They had to think of something fast.

The fox was trembling no matter how quiet they tried to be. Of course, it probably hadn’t seen a human before and was wondering if it was in even bigger danger now that it had been discovered.

No Movement

There really wasn’t much they could do except try to lure the scared fox on board. They gently held out their hands and spoke in hushed tones. The fox wasn’t budging though. It was still hesitant about taking a step closer to them.

Mallory was still at the helm and tried to get as close as possible to the iceberg without grazing the side. It was hard to get the fox to come to them as they were still moving along the water.

Scared and Trembling

The fox was scared of them when they tried to coax it on board. It kept trying to run away but quickly realized it had nowhere to turn. It stood back as it shivered in the cold and just stared at them.

Mallory, Allan, and Cliff were a bit hesitant at first to try and save the fox, but they knew the results weren’t going to be good if they just left. The fox was going to die out there.

Showing Patience

This was not easy. They had to find a way to make the wild animal trust them enough to come onboard. They tried first with empty hands and then tried again by using food in their hands. Nothing was working.

They were trying not to grow frustrated by the arctic fox. Patience was definitely key in this situation. If they wanted to save the animal, they needed to keep an even temperament throughout.

One Step

Just when they started to think they needed to come up with another plan, the fox started to change course. It was no longer backing away. It stood still and cocked its head to the side as if it was thinking about what to do next.

After a few more tense moments, the fox started to take one step towards the boat. Mallory, Allan, and Cliff were all amazed by what was happening.

Slow and Steady

They didn’t know how they did it, but the fox slowly came up to the boat and stood within inches of Allan’s hand. He had a few crackers in his hand that he found on board and offered it to the tired fox.

The animal sniffed at his hand but didn’t take the food. It looked up to Allan as if asking him to carry it onboard. Allan took this sudden opportunity to quickly but gently grab it and place it on deck.

Beyond Scared

The fox still didn’t look right. It was clearly agitated and wasn’t letting anyone approach it. The two men were trying to get it dry and had towels in hand to keep it warm. The animal was backing away as they were trying to get a hold of it again.

This was a good situation. There was not telling what it was going to do. If it felt threatened, it could either attack one of them or jump back into the water. They didn’t want either situation to happen.

Jump Off

The fox got spooked and jumped back into the water and tried to swim towards the iceberg. None of them saw it coming and couldn’t save the animal in time before it was back in the freezing water.

The fox swam and swam until it grew tired. Once it slowed down, Allan scooped it up again and placed it on the boat. It immediately scurried towards a corner of a boat and stayed there.

Completely Spent

Once the fox was back on the boat, the two men cornered it in the middle of the boat so that it had nowhere to go or jump. They knew that it didn’t have enough energy to start attacking one of them, since it spent all of its reserves swimming in those rough waters.

They just needed to wait for the animal to calm down a bit before attempting to touch it again. It was visibly cold, but at least it wasn’t on the iceberg or in the water anymore.

Up and Walking

The fox got up to find a place of refuge. The fishermen kept a close eye on it as it slowly got up to walk away. There was no way they were going to let it escape again. It walked towards the back of the boat and lay down among the ropes and other supplies that were there.

It was exhausted and posed no threat to any of them. They waited a few more seconds until they approached it.

Getting Warmer

Mallory was watching this all play out while she was trying to navigate back home. She wished she could be down there with her friends, but she also wanted to make it back to shore safely. They were capable of figuring out what to do.

The first step was making it comfortable. They needed to warm the fox’s body temperature back up before it went into shock. She wondered how the fox even got out here.

Weak and Helpless

The fox was not moving out of that corner. They could all see that it was very weak and trembling. Mallory made the suggestion that they needed to give it warmer accommodations.

There was a lot of sawdust that was collecting at the bottom compartment of the boat that they never cleaned out. They could use that as filler for some bedding to keep the fox warm. It was all they could do at this time.

Making a Home

Allan and Cliff rushed to the small compartment and started scooping out mounds of sawdust. They had found a plastic bin to use as the bed frame and started putting the shaved wood in the compartment.

They hoped the sawdust could act as some sort of insulation for the wolf and also create a safe haven for the poor animal. They placed the bin in an area of the boat that was getting the most sun.

Getting In

Allan took the animal and gently placed it inside the fish bin that was now filled with saw dust. As soon as the fox got comfortable in the bin, it fell fast asleep. The three friends knew they had to get the animal back on land if it had any chance at survival.

It took shallow breaths as it recuperated in the sawdust. They all just hoped that it was gaining back some of the strength it had lost while in the water.

Heading to Land

They were now a little over 30 minutes from the shore line. Cliff now took the lead on the boat and turned the vessel around. They needed to get to shore fast. It was not going to make it out in the water and was close to death.

It had now been sleeping for about 15 minutes. The waves of the ocean were increasing in strength and eventually woke up the sleeping fox.

A Sudden Jolt

The fox suddenly jolted its head up and looked around. It had fear in its eyes, but Mallory and Allan could tell there was no fight left in it. It just sat in the bin while it stared at them intently.

Mallory suggested that they try to feed the fox again. This time, they could use some of the fish and crab that they had just caught earlier that day.

Warm and Safe

The fox was slowly coming to life. Its fur was drying in the sun, and it seemed more comfortable in its new surroundings. Mallory tried to feed the animal some of the crab and fish they had caught, but it didn’t seem interested.

Maybe it was too much work to eat them. She went into their personal food stash and found a tin of Vienna sausages to give to the fox. She then poured some water in a small plastic bowl and placed all of it in the bin.

Full Stomach

When Mallory placed the Vienna sausages in the bin where the fox was, it sniffed the food with curiosity. He slowly started to nibble on the food, and it made them happy to see it slowly springing back to life.

The fox couldn’t get enough of the food and was focused on consuming it all while the boat traveled through the sea. They couldn’t keep their eyes off the poor animal while it ate its first meal of the day.

Almost There

Now that the fox had eaten something, it already looked more alert. It stayed in the bin and wasn’t trembling anymore. Since they had given the animal food, it seemed more comfortable with having humans around.

Mallory and Allan knew not to pet it. The fox could still strike at any moment, especially with it having a little bit of strength now. They did stay close by, however, just in case it took a turn for the worst.

Getting Docked

Land was in sight, and the friends were getting ready to dock their crab boat. The fox fell back asleep once it ate the sausages, but it was now awake again with all the noise that came with docking the boat.

Mallory sat next to the bin that the fox was lying in and spoke softly to it. She knew it couldn’t possibly understand what she was saying, but she also knew it could feel her energy. She wanted to keep it calm as they moved ashore.

A New Home

Once they tied the boat to the dock and dropped anchor, the three friends had a discussion as to what to do with the fox now. It was recovering slowly, but it looked like it was out of imminent danger.

Since it had eaten and rested a little bit, there was more life inside its body. Mallory suddenly remembered an area that was close to the docks that could be the perfect place to release the fox.

A Dog House

There was a small abandoned dog house that was about a 10 minute walk from the dock. The area was relatively remote, but it was still close enough to the small town that it was not going to be left all alone.

Once they reached the area, the three of them searched for the dog house that was located somewhere in the bluffs. Cliff carried the fox, which was sitting still in the bin.

Living in Comfort

They finally found the old dog house in the middle of the bluffs. The group walked up to it and placed the bin down a few feet away. The fox slowly walked out of the container and shook itself clean.

It headed for the dog house and sat just at the entrance. Mallory, Allan, and Cliff knew they made the right choice when they saved the fox. They all hoped once it recovers, it was going to lead a long and healthy life.

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