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10 Facts You Didn’t Know About American Horror Story

American Horror Story is by far one of the best American television series ever created. It showcases an array of drama, a bit of comedy, thrilling and horrific episodes.

It was produced by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. Some of the parts of the series depict events that happened in real life.

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Here are some facts about American Horror Story you probably didn’t know.

From Musicals To Horrors

The co-producers of the AHS (American Horror Story) are also co-producers in the all-time musical favorite, Glee. Ryan Murphy then started losing interest in musicals and opted to do horror stories instead which he termed to be challenging and hard.

Since Brad also had a love for horror stories, they decided to team up again and American Horror Story blossomed.

The Murder Castle (Hotel Cortez)

Hotel Cortez was built by H.H. Holmes in the 1800s. He was born into a rich family.

Mr. Holmes was a very smart kid but his parents noticed some awkward behavior in him. He used to dissect small animals from a young age.

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In the very first instances, they thought it was normal until they discovered he was killing the animals to satisfy his joys.

He later built the Hotel Cortez which is said that he killed around 200 people. The hotel was built with the sole motive of killing his guests which he did leading to the name, Murder Castle.

Sarah Paulson And Evan Peter In Every Single Season

Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters are the only actors to appear in every season in the AHS. On a solo scale, Evan has the highest appearances compared to Sarah to date. They have both been very sensational with each of them putting up an amazing show for their fans.

The Alfred Rosenheim Mansion (The Murder Castle)

The murder castle, also Alfred Rosenheim’s mansion was used by the Alpha Delta Frat house.

The house boasts a 6 bedroomed house and 5 bathrooms in Los Angles. The house was being sold for 7.8 million dollars.

Some of the other movies or television series that the frat house has hosted include Dexter, the Ex-files and most of all Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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If It Does Not Fit, Oil It

Evans Peter was forced to oil himself up from head to toe to fit in the given latex suit that is a bit tight. Friction isn’t a joke. One thing that was inevitable was performing stunts without splitting most of his latex suits.

Banjo Man

Zachary Quinto used to light up the mood while on the set of Asylum by always playing the Banjo. Just as most people would have long days at work just as is filming, Zachary found a way to make it fun during breaks. The crew loved it.

Real Freaks

Most of the characters in American Horror Stories were inspired by real people who have a weird deformity. The Bearded lady, Lobster Boy, the Pinhead Schlitzie, Amazon Woman, Ma Petite (shortest woman in the world) and Legless Suzie are some of the real-life “freaks” who made The Freak show possible.

Real-Life Clowns Are Not Fans Of Twisty The Clown

Murderous clowns depicted on movies (Pennywise of IT) and horror television shows have caused a widespread fear for clowns. Twisty is portrayed to be a deranged clown who goes on a killing spree with his horrid looking mask.

The Association of Clowns had to blast Hollywood for turning a figure of joy and fun to a disliked and feared person. This has been bad for business.

Bette And Dot Scenes Took Almost 15 Hours To Film

Filming is not always as easy as it seems. Sarah Paulson’s role as Bette and Dot took close to 15 hours to film their scenes. This was because it required a combined effort of visual effects and puppeteering to come up with the right picture of a two-headed lady.

Every Season Is Interconnected

Ryan Murphy made it known to American Horror Story fans that the series are connected. This was depicted with the surprise appearance of Lily as Sister Mary Eunice in The Freak Show.

Madison Montgomery also has a bit of lineage from the Murder House’s Dr. Montgomery. That is enough clue to show there is some relation and many more.

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