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The 12 Jungian Archetypes – Which One Are You?

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Archetype is a Greek word which means “original pattern.” This definition precisely describes the application of archetypes and how it helps with the identification of original patterns of beliefs, personalities, and motivations. A legendary psychologist Carl Jung developed the 12 Jungian archetypes as a context for comprehending the vital human motivations as well as operations of the human mind or psyche.

1. The Innocent

The innocent archetype individuals often get criticized for being naïve idealists. Nevertheless, they have a positive outlook as well as happy-go-lucky traits that can inspire others. These individuals try as much to see the good in the world and look for a silver liner in all circumstances. They are often faithful and open-minded.

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2. The Orphan

These are dependable individuals, simple and down to earth humanists. Sometimes, they are considered a little harmful by some people. The orphan looks forward to belonging in the world and may go a long way joining as many groups and communities to find their right place. They are honest, open, realistic and pragmatic.

3. The Hero

The hero is strong and loves to stand up for others. These individuals may feel they have a purpose to live for and accomplish. They are brave and focused on their pursuit for equality and justice and will always hold their head up even for the most potent forces if feel they are wrong. They are courageous and competent.

4. The Caregiver

These individuals are full of compassion and empathy. Nonetheless, people can take advantage of their good nature to their benefit. The caregiver must focus on taking care of themselves and learn to say no to the demand of others at times. They are generous and compassionate.

5. The Explorer

They are not happy unless they are facing new things. They may be happy and enjoy learning new ideas and philosophies as well as adventuring different countries. Nonetheless, the explorer has difficulties settling down at one relationship or job for a long time, unless the link or job allows them to have the freedom to explore. They are true to their sense of wonder and desires.

6. The Rebel

The rebel looks forward to changing anything that isn’t working right in the world and love to do things differently. At times, rebels are charismatic and easily cheers up others to support them in their quest of rebellion. They have big and despicable ideas and often encourage others to be like them.

7. The Lover

These individuals seek harmony in all they do and face difficulties dealing with conflict. They may also find it hard standing up for their own beliefs and ideas in presence of more assertive types. They have a sense of diplomacy, passion, and appreciation.

8. The Creator

They are born to introduce something that does not exist. They dislike being passive consumers of anything; instead they prefer to make their happiness. The creators mostly happen to be musicians or artists, but they can also be found in any other working environment. Their creativity and imagination are more than you can imagine.

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9. The Jester

Jester loves to party, humor, and tricks, but their soul is profound. They want other people to be happy and can use humor to change the perception of others. Also, the jester may use humor to cover up for their pain. They love finding happiness in everything and using mood for positive change.

10. The Sage

They value ideas over anything else. Nevertheless, they sometimes get frustrated for not knowing everything they need to about the world. The sage is a great listener and can synthesize complicated ideas for easy understanding. They are mostly teachers. They prevalent traits are curiosity, wisdom, and intelligence.

11. The Magician

Usually a very charismatic individual. They believe in their ideas and wish to share them with other people. They see things differently and can use their perceptions to introduce transformative ideas as well as philosophies to the world. Their objective is to comprehend vital laws of the world, and they transform the daily experiences of people by offering a new way to look at things.

12. The Ruler

The rulers love being in control. They have a clear vision what works in every situation. The rulers trust they know what’s best a community and often get upset if others don’t support their views. Nevertheless, they value the interests of others although their actions are sometimes misguided.

In each of the 12 Jungian archetypes, lies a reflective vision into the human thoughts, actions, and emotions. These archetypes are used in branding, literature, spirituality, mythology, psychology, and personality applications. The feelings and imagery in every model hold different meanings in different people.

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