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16-Year-Old Teen Goes Missing – Six Months Later, Her Best Friends Reveal A Dark Secret

Star City in West Virginia stood still when of the town’s favorites disappeared around midnight on July 6, back in 2012. Skylar Neese was a 16-year-old teen gone missing for six months.

Skylar Neese, Rachel Shoaf, and Shelia Eddy were young and beautiful high school sophomores, whose friendship seemed to be made to last forever.

This trio loved doing everything together – hanging out with others and posting everything on Facebook and Twitter 24/7.

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The friendship went down the hill when Skylar accidentally discovered a secret that was hidden from her. Learn what really happened to Skylar and how she was found.

1. Skylar Nesse

Skylar Neese was one of those kids who’s parents loved to be proud of. Mary and Dave Neese had only one child – Sky Neese. Sky had a 4.0-grade point average. She also worked part-time at a fast food restaurant and had a pretty active social life.

Sky was regular on the social scene, visiting parties and hanging out with her friends. She was a people pleaser and true ‘bubbly person’ according to her parents.

2. Besties

Some friends are forever. It seemed that it will be the case with Sky and Shelia Eddy. Sky and Shelia were best friends since they were 8-years-old. Ever since Shelia was part of Dave’s and Marry’s family. In 2010 Shelia meets Rachel Shoaf.

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Shelia moved to the ‘University High School’ where Sky was attending. In that same period, Sky meets Rachel thanks to Shelia, and ultimately three girls became inseparable.

3. Sky Went Missing

Sky went home straight from work on July 5, 2012. The following morning her father discovered that she wasn’t in her room. He discovered that Sky’s window screen has been removed.

Furthermore, Dave found a hidden bench that his daughter used to help her climb in and out of the window. At that point, he realized that Sky wasn’t home the night before.

4. Sky Was Gone For Sure

Sky was a responsible child, student, and worker. Therefore, it was a huge shock when her parents learned that she missed her work the following day. Skylar’s parents immediately called 911 to report her missing.

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Bob McCauley, police officer, responded to the call and put in motion an investigation to find Skylar Neese. However, Shelia Eddy called Marry and Dave and told them what happened the previous night.

5. Drive Around The City

Shelia told Dave and Mary that her, Rachel and Skylar snicked out the previous night and went for a drive around Star City. They got high and afterward dropped Skylar home.

In addition to that statement, Shelia told Mary and Dave, that they dropped Shy off at the end of the road. They choose to drop her off there because they didn’t want to risk waking up Sky’s parents.

6. It Was Push And Pull

Sheila and Rachel convinced Sky to sneak out with them on that night. They told her that they want to work on their shaken friendship. The trio had some troubles in the days that forego July 5th.

It is known that Sky hesitated to sneak out, but eventually relented. She decided to sneak out due to numerous calls and text messages that she got from Rachel and Shaila. They picked her up around 11PM and returned her home just before midnight.

7. It Was All On Camera

Surveillance footage shows that there was a car in front of Sky’s home at 12:30 AM. A few minutes later, Sky enters the car. That was the last footage of her. She never came back.

According to Dave, he was scared to death the following day, because he had no clue where his daughter was.

8. U.S. Route 19

Interestingly, girls change their original route. Their plan was to head north via U.S. Route 19 and drive along U.S. Route 7 from there. But, there was a small setback.

They saw a State Police car parked in front of a gambling lounge, and they turned around and ended up heading toward Blacksville.

9. Sky Is Officially Missing

On July 7, Sheila and her mom volunteered to help Sky’s parents search the neighborhood for their daughter. Rachel was gone for a summer camp for two weeks.

Two days later, everyone in the country knew that Sky is missing. Her face was all over television, internet, and radio. Days turned into weeks, and Sky was still missing.

10. Possible Scenario

Initially, police believed that the girls have gone to a house party and that something went wrong there. They believed that Sky might have overdosed.

There were rumors that Sky used heroin, so the police thought that she was dead and that people at the party panicked and hide the body.

11. Usual Suspects

Jessica Colebank, an investigator, said that something was skeptical about Shelia when she first talked with her. Furthermore, according to Colebank, Shelia looked like there is no empathy in her. Jessica said the same about Rachel Shoaf.

In addition, girls stories were identical, and she believed that no one’s story is exactly the same unless it’s rehearsed. She added, ‘Shelia is acting wrong. Rachel is scared to death.’

12. Something Was Missing

Soon afterward, authorities went through girls phone records and surveillance video again. It was proven that the girls were lying and it was clear that they were hiding something.

Immediately, Rachel and Sheila were being pushed by everyone to come clean. Including Sky’s parents and classmates.

13. Only Secrets

Shelia and Rachel continued with their daily routines and in a no time, six months went by. All along the girls shared online their grief towards their missing friend.

There were many rumors and speculations, but no one knew for sure what happened and Sky was still missing. The only two people who knew about Sky’s faith were Rachel and Shelia. They kept silent.

14. Authorities Were Still Looking For Sky

Although Rachel and Shaila kept silent they were constantly being questioned by authorities. They weren’t ready to let them go. Therefore, girls made a major decision.

After being constantly questioned by authorities, investigators and classmates, the two girls decided that is was too much for them. Eventually, they left University High School and began homeschooling.

15. That Wasn’t The End

Girls never changed their story. They claimed that they didn’t know what happened to Sky. However, that didn’t lead to fewer questions about it.

Police got to know the girls pretty well and described them as Rachel begin “more reserved”, while Shelia is “was more perky.” What girls missed here was that their attitude talked more about them, than they knew.

16. A Lie Detector Test

The two girls were the last one who saw Sky alive. Therefore, they had to know more and the police wanted all that info. Moreover, they had to undergo a lie detector test. Interestingly, Shelia was over-confident. She was sure that she was going to pass.

On the other hand, Rachel was so shaken before the test. Before she knew it, her world started falling apart.

17. The Breakdown

Rachel began to slowly break down. One night she had a breakdown. She screamed and ranted so intense that her parents had to call 911 to them calm her down.

She was admitted to Chestnut Ridge Center for mental health issues. She wasn’t allowed to see anyone, including Shelia Eddy.

18. Communication Zero

Rachel wasn’t allowed to have visitors live, or to communicate online. That meant that she couldn’t post on Facebook and she couldn’t tweet. Most importantly, she couldn’t talk to Sheila.

This also meant that Sheila couldn’t keep Rachel from telling the truth and from telling what really happened on July 6th. Just a few months before.

19. The Truth

Rachel was set from a local psychiatric hospital on January 3, 2013. She could no longer stand it and she decided to tell everyone the truth. Regardless of the price. She confessed to police that she and Sheila stabbed Sky to death.

However, regardless of Rachel’s statement Shaila was still not admitting guilt. Rachel had to step in and get Rachel to confess. She was wearing a wire when they finally speak again, but Rachel said nothing about that happening.

20. The Closure

Rachel told the police where they can find Sky’s body. In the meantime Rachel tweeted, “rest easy skylar, you’ll ALWAYS be my bestfriend. I miss you more than you could ever know.” But at the time no one was sympathetic to her public emotions. Shelia was arrested in a restaurant parking lot, in 2013.

The world learned that on the night Sky went missing, Shaila and Rachel brought kitchen knives with them, hiding it underneath their clothes. They had with them clean clothes, the bleach, and a shovel. Once they got out of the car they told Sky that they don’t have a lighter. Sky went to the car to get hers and they stab her ‘on three.’

Afterward, they buried her and left her body in the wood. When asked why they did it they simply said: “We just didn’t like her.”

Other version says that Rachel and Shaila were actually together and that Sky run on them while these two were sharing a private moment. Girls were afraid that Sky will expose their secret, and girls decided to bury their secret with her.

Both were charged as an adult and got between 15 and 30 years in prison.

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