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This Little Survivor Sings After Two Marrow Bone Transplants

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It is always hard to deal with illness. Having a life with lots going on makes it feel like you are not allowed to simply rest. The more serious the condition, the harder it is to get a break. Some diseases or ailments make a person wonder if continuing is worth it.

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Severe Congenital Neutropenia is a condition that affects 1 in 200,000 people. It is characterized by recurrent infection. This is caused by a lack of Neutrophils or white blood cells whose purpose is fighting infection and dealing with inflammation.

The condition is said to be identifiable after birth or very soon after.

With medical technology having come so far, it has become easier to live with once-fatal conditions. Treatments for various ailments can be exhausting to patients and drag down their morale.

Some people may push themselves to get better and not let the treatments take away the joy they still feel.

Leah, a young girl diagnosed with Severe Congenital Neutropenia, has had to deal with many painful procedures that are required to help her live. The condition requires the transplant of donor marrow into her body, something that most adults couldn’t stand even the idea of.

Her first marrow transplant was done back in February of 2014 with her second occurring in March of 2016.

The little girl has shown a great level of resilience for an adult or child with the condition. Many people have followed her story and see the young child as an inspiration. She was recorded singing the song “Overcomer” just after treatment one night.

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Leah may not know it, but the people who have been keeping up with her story look up to her in a way. They see someone young who should be vulnerable with a willpower most men and women can only dream of.

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