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20-Year Old Photo Confirmed Why This Mom Was Suspicious About Her Daughter’s College Sweetheart

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College is a great time to be independent, to have new friends, visit parties, and in general to do whatever you want to. After all, there are no parents to monitor your every move. But, what to do when life has other plans for you? or When you find your soul mate? This is what happened to Heidi and Ed.

As soon as these two enrolled in college, they met, fall in love, and soon after, moved in together. They wanted a family of their own, so naturally, they wanted their families to meet.

However, at the time they had no idea how one old photo album would later prove that their ‘love at first sight’ was not exactly what it seemed.

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20. Newcastle As The New Chapter

Heidi couldn’t wait to start her life as a college student, living on her own and creating her plans and organized her daily life. After hours and hours of deciding, Heidi opt on attending Newcastle University in England.

Although Heidi is crazy about her family, she wanted to be more independent and that’s why she decided to move 130 miles away from home. However, she had no idea that she is about to meet the love of her life and to find a jaw-dropping revelation on both of them.

19. It’s All About The Experience

At Newcastle University, it wasn’t required to live on campus, so Heidi decided to leave with a few roommates. So, Heidi found a perfect place just around the school.

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As soon as the year took off, Heidi realized that this wasn’t what she wanted. She wanted to live on her own, even more to the campus. At the time she had no idea that she will find much more than just a perfect space to live in.

18. Heidi’s New Studio

Heidi found a new place in no time and she settled on a cozy studio nearby campus. At the same time, she had to move out of her old room and turn the keys to the next tenants. She just handed the keys, smiled and left. She had no idea that she would be back sooner than expected.

Heidi just started settling into her new home when she got a message on Facebook from a guy named Ed. He was one of the tenants in her previous home and he had a question for her.

17. An Unexpected Question

Ed had no idea on how to use the washing machine in the student flat. So, he decided to learn. Ed found a post with Heidi’s name on it and decided to ask her for help. Heidi decided to help. So, she just chose to go over in person and show him.

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Heidi showed Ed how the machine works. Moreover, she even stayed longer to see if he was able to do the whole process himself. When she was preparing to leave, Ed had a question for her.

16. There Was A Real Chemistry

Ed decided that he needs to ask her on a date before she leaves. There was a coffee shop just around the corner. At the same time, Heidi was suspecting that he will ask her out. As she later admitted, she tough that ‘Ed was hot’.

Their coffee date was a true success. They both enjoyed their time and learned so much about each other. Heidi learned that Ed was also attending Newcastle University to study business and psychology. From that moment on nothing was the same for these two.

15. They Hit It Off Instantly

Soon after their date, Heidi and Ed were inseparable and stayed together for the entire college time. They were perfect college sweethearts. During this period they believed that they knew everything about each other. Oh, boy, were they wrong.

But, the college was about to end and these two had to figure out their post-grad lives together. They agreed that they would move to London, but not move in together.

14. next Big Step

The college sweethearts moved to London, but they lived separately. At the same time, Heidi was focused on her PR job, while Ed worked on his dream of opening up a coffee shop on the south side of town.

They decided to move in together and things kind of escalated from there. They were ready to finally have their families meet each other. They knew that this meeting would be a big step in their relationship, but they had no idea how big an impact it would have on their relationship.

13. The Big Meeting

Heidi and Ed were dating for four years already and this was the first time for their mothers to meet. They were more than nervous. Considering what happened next they had reasons to be nervous.

They did all that they could before the big day. They picked their favorite restaurants and made a dinner reservation. The two mothers hit it off quickly as they started swapping stories. But, there was one story that left everyone shocked.

12. Call From The Past

During the dinner, mothers talked about important and less important things. But, the more they shared the more they realized how similar their families are.

As it turned out, both families loved to sail, and both traveled along the Mediterranean with whole families on. While sharing their stories, mothers had no idea that their children had big news for them.

11. A Big Announcement

Ed and Heidi loved their mothers having a good time, but they were still nervous. They had a big announcement to make and they couldn’t wait to see their reactions.

Mothers couldn’t stop talking so Ed and Heidi had to interrupt them and share the exciting news! They were going to get married! Everyone was happy and excited. But, wait… There was more…

10. Heidi’s First Boyfriend

Both of the mothers were super excited. Their babies were getting married. The moment was so emotional that Heidi’s mom decided to share one more holiday story. About Heidi’s first boyfriend.

Kay, Heidi’s mother explained that when Heidi was six, they went to Turkey. Heidi met a little boy there and never left his side. They spend the entire vacation holding hands. No matter how cute it sounded Key decided to switch the story. After all, the focus was on engagement. So, the story was forgotten and everyone went homes with a smile on their faces. Until one spring cleaning.

9. Spring Cleaning Discovered A Huge Secret

Two weeks after the dinner, Key couldn’t stop thinking about the story of Heidi’s childhood sweetheart that she had told during the meal. There was some feeling that she couldn’t shake it off.

With a wedding just around the corner, Key realized that she needs to clean some mess and she decided to start from her attic. She was hoping to find something.

8. Kay Found What She Looked For

When Key saw her old photo albums she knew that she had to calm her curiosity and grab them. She searched and then found an album where it was simply written – Gumbet, July 1197.

Kay couldn’t remember when she went through this album last time, but she just knew that she needs to go through these pages again. And to find what she is looking for. So, when she found what she was looking for, she froze.

7. Little Blond Boy

Key skipped the photos of the landscape and she searched the photos with faces. And she found it. There it was. Heidi with a little blond boy. Next to her first-ever boyfriend.

The boy looked exactly as she remembered him. He had a shy smile and bowl-cut hair, always standing near Heidi. But there was a particular reason why she was looking for this boy.

6. The Boy’s Real Identity

Key was sure that she was right, but on the other hand, maybe she was just going crazy. Anyway, she knew one thing for sure and she decided to find out for sure. After all, this boy’s name was Ed.

Kay was sure that this blond Ed is the same Ed that was about to marry her daughter. It sounded like a movie plot and it was too good to be true. She wanted to be sure, so she decided to make one crucial call.

5. Was This The Same Ed?

Kay knew that the only way to solve this mystery is to reach out for someone who knew Ed when he was only six-years-old. So, she knew that she needs to speak with Ed’s mother, Fiona. She texted Fiona a picture from her old photo album.

Fiona immediately called Kay to confirm that the boy from that photo is her Ed. Heidi’s first boyfriend was Ed that she is about to marry in a few months. Mothers were shocked, but how did the newlyweds-to-become react?

4. Everyone Was Shocked

Kay and Fiona screamed as they couldn’t believe this was real. Fiona reacted the same, she tough that this was unbelievable. Moreover that Heidi had no memory of the two-week vacation, or that she had a summer boyfriend.

Ed was shocked as well, especially that her mom used to joke with him about his first girlfriend, who he meet in Turkey. He was shocked to realize that the little girl is his soon wife-to-be.

3. More Searching Means More Memories

Once Kay shared a photo with Fiona, Fiona started searching all family albums from that summer to find more evidence of her son’s first girlfriend. And it was clear – Ed and Heidi met long before university.

It was proven that this summer childhood sweethearts have found a way to each other once again. This massive discovery changed Heidi and Ed’s outlook on life.

2. Believing In Destiny

The couple started thinking about fate and how they were destined to be together. So, they decided to incorporate it into their wedding somehow.

They used old photos of them when they were only six and placed them in their wedding invitations. That way a hundred of guests could learn about their amazing story and finding each other.

1. The Big Day

Ed and Heidi got married in August 2017, with a knowledge that love, at first sight, is possible and that they were lucky enough to experience it.

Ed and Heidi were lucky enough to marry their first love in one of the craziest love stories ever. Years later they are still sharing their love story and still shocking people. After all, their story is a real one, it’s not the plot of a movie.

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