Day: March 8, 2023

Lisa Ling Celebrates Daughter Jett’s 10th Birthday: Photo

Lisa Ling‘s daughter has reached double digits! On Wednesday, the journalist celebrated daughter Jett‘s 10th birthday, as well as International Women’s Day, with a sweet tribute on Instagram featuring a selfie of the pair. The throwback photo shows Ling, 49, crouching next to her then-little girl who flashes a big […]

Chris Rock Asked for Daughter to Be Kicked Out of School

Chris Rock is keen on making sure his kids understand the value of consequences. The comedian, 58, touched on a tense parenting moment in his recent live Netflix special, Selective Outrage, where daughter Lola Simone, now 20, got in trouble on a high school class trip to Portugal. “Lola and […]

All About Austin Butler’s Sister, Ashley Lucas

Meet Austin Butler‘s sister. The Oscar nominee is the younger brother of Ashley Lucas, his one and only sibling. The two were raised by their parents, David (a commercial real estate appraiser) and Lori (who ran a daycare at home), in Anaheim, California, where they lived for the majority of […]

August Alsina Has Not Seen Chris Rock’s Stand-Up Yet

August Alsina says he has not yet watched Chris Rock‘s stand-up special, in which the comedian called out the singer’s relationship with Jada Pinkett Smith. After a report from The New York Post claimed, citing a source, that Alsina, 30, watched Chris Rock: Selective Outrage and thought it was “not […]

Lucy Liu Recalls Growing Up a Comic Book Fan

For Lucy Liu, the magic word “Shazam!” had more than a familiar ring to it: it brought back fond memories of reading superhero comics as a kid. “That’s what was available: comics. That’s it,” laughs Liu, 54, recalling growing up in the pre-Internet era and firing up her imagination with […]

Seth Rogen Says Bad Reviews Can Be ‘Devastating’

Seth Rogen is getting honest about taking bad reviews personally. In a recent appearance on The Diary of a CEO podcast with host Steven Bartlett, Rogen, 40, shared how “devastating” negative reviews are, and how film critics may not be thinking about the people involved when they are critiquing a […]