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This 2D Seoul Cafe Looks Like a Black and White Cartoon

Cafes have become extremely popular in recent years. Some are there simply to offer you coffee, tea, and an access point to the internet, others might have computers where you can play old-school RTS games like Starcraft. And other than coffee and net access, a few don’t adopt any theme.

With the popular Pokemon Go app seemingly reviving the Pokemon franchise, an increase in the world’s themed cafes has seemed to follow.

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Japan already has things like the Maid Café, Cat Cafes where you can hang out with a cat and pet them while you drink the caffeine that’ll keep you up all day. There are even a few that have their own daily robot parades right in the center aisle of the location.

Most of Japan’s cafes lie in the more densely populated areas.In one country’s capital, Japan may have met its match in the arena of themed cafes. Seoul, South Korea has an interesting take on the whole themed café idea.

The country is known well for its K-pop stars like BTS, BIGBANG, and PSY. What most people outside of the country don’t know about are the capital city’s hole-in-the-wall type cafes that have gained a sort of pseudo-fame.

Photo courtesy of YND239-20 Cafe

When you step through the doors of YND239-20, named after the street on which it is located, it is like being sucked into the pages of a 2D drawing of a café.

The color scheme gives the place the feel of a monochrome cartoon, something the owner of the place had fully intended on.

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Photo courtesy of YND239-20 Cafe

The theme is so popular that people frequently take pictures with each other when they visit.

And to the owner’s great surprise, the café has become quite popular among foreign tourists to the country’s capital city. “Famous bloggers, Facebook stars, magazines and TV programs all talked about us,” said JS Lee, the café’s owner.

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