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A 3-Year-Old Prodigy Drummer Leads An Adult Orchestra With Confidence

Child musicians are adorable to most everyone. When a kid wants to learn an instrument, supportive parents will do what they can to ensure that a particular skill is built up. And thanks to television, the world can be graced with some of the most adorable talent ever seen.

People who play instruments will tell you that it takes time and hard work to develop musical ability, but some people are just born naturally talented. Boys and girls less than half the age of college music teachers have shown an affinity for music that cannot be explained.

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Lyonya Shilovsky, of Novosibirsk, Russia, is only 3 years old but is very famous drummer across the world. He appeared earlier this year on the show Minute of Fame in his home country, and video of his performance is now making its way across the globe via the internet.

Most music teachers will tell you it takes days and sometimes weeks of practice to memorize a sheet of music. But for young Lyonya, while leading a multi-piece orchestra, he showed he needed absolutely no visual guide.

Shilovsky performed with the orchestra at the New State Concert Hall of Arnold Katz in his home city.

It is amazing that a child so young can be so skilled and so confident to perform with a group like an orchestra. Most people at 3 years old were either watching cartoons, playing with toys, or running around in the yard. Although we had an instrument we liked to play with, we never played music on it.

Lyonya Shilovsky is a prime example of the creativity that can sprout in a child when they have supportive parents. The world will be looking forward to future performances of his and how he grows in his music career.

Have an interest in picking up an instrument? It’s never too late to start, but you might not catch up to the prodigy.

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