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4 Oldest Minecraft Servers And Why They Matter

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Minecraft is without a doubt among the best-selling video games of all time. The global sensation has attracted millions of gamers worldwide since its inception in 2009. It has innumerable prospects to explore the world by creating things and accomplishing tasks.

Playing this open-ended game requires a tonne of creativity and that is the reason millions of gamers have been attracted to it. This, accompanied by the fact that they didn’t need to know how to code to get creative, ticks all the boxes.

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Gamers are a whole completely different crowd of people. While most people don’t understand the fascination with video games, gamers spend countless hours a day trying to perfect specific games and emerge the best. The fact remains that videogames are no longer just time wasters. People have made big bucks playing them and developing them. They have proven educational and beneficial to many. Just because in most cases a person sits alone facing a screen playing with controls alone does not mean they are alone. Multiplayer saved the face of videogames and can now be referred to as a social activity.

As they say, successful companies rarely ever need public marketing and this is one of the things Minecraft can own of. It has grown since its inception but its marketing strategy relies on referrals and word of mouth from satisfied gamers. In the game, people can make various things and structures using blocks. Here is where most gamers’ imaginations come alive.

The structured Minecraft world includes rules and boundaries that each player must adhere to. The game transcends the conventional idea of a game as it is also used for educational purposes. Its multiplayer function makes the game a social pursuit.

The game developed by Markus Persson had different modes including creative, multiplayer and survival modes. In its unique way, Minecraft has brought the world together. Minecraft for PC is played on multiple operating systems including Linux, Mac OS, and Microsoft Windows. It was bought in 2014 by Microsoft for a whopping $2.5 billion.

Hypixel and Mineplex are among the most popular Minecraft servers to date.

The classic servers are different from today’s in many ways. Most of them are free to play, unlike modern versions where you have to pay. They are not usually updated meaning a game could be stuck in one year throughout. The games can be played either singularly or in multiplayer mode.

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They have some of the same features as the creative mode. The games can be played either singularly or in multiplayer mode. They, however, vary in that they did not have computer creatures and destruction lava. It is also apparent that various blocks don’t work the same way since their behavior was later altered.

It is not easy to just name one server as the oldest due to the different niches the classic servers took. Here are a few servers believed to be the oldest ones.

1. Nerd.nu

Established in June of ’09, Nerd.nu’s servers are undeniably the oldest existing Minecraft servers. Its servers have since evolved to accommodate three different types of servers including PvE (player versus environment), minigames and creative.

2. MinecraftOnline

Released in 2010 on the same day survival multiplayer was opened for everyone, Minecraft online is believed to be the oldest Minecraft server. The world it hosts called Freedonia is the longest online public survival world to ever have existed in any server.

3. 2builders2tools

Commonly known as 2b2t, this is the oldest anarchy server. Unlike modern servers, this one has no rules and no possibility of getting banned. It has not been updated since it was developed in 2010. Its free nature has encouraged many fights online over the years. Unlike most where people pay to join, this one is free. Its popularity grows by the day and thousands are in a waiting list just to join the chaos.

4. Crazy Fools UK

This is the oldest server in the United Kingdom. This longest-running Minecraft server is active since 2010. Moreover, you can join it even today and start building.

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