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7 Food That Cause Inflammation

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Food is always a good time and the variety that exists gives us no shortage of options. The problem with this is that we may neglect to watch what we put into our bodies. Many food ingredients are known to cause issues in the human body.

One of the biggest issues associated with a bad diet is inflammation. Here is a list of food that can cause inflammation:

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1. White Bread

In a lot of places, white bread is a regular menu item in the sandwiches of school lunches. Wheat-based food like bread and pasta can cause inflammation quite quickly in one’s body. Endovascular surgeon Christopher Hollingsworth says, “Refined wheat fours have been stripped of their slow-digesting fiber and nutrients, which means the body can break these foods down very quickly.”

That may not seem bad, but the quicker our body digests something, the faster our blood sugar will shoot up. According to Hollingsworth, the increase in blood sugar causes an insulin spike, leading to inflammation.

2. Fried Foods

Should this really come to a surprise to anyone? Fried food is oftentimes sinfully delicious, and we may at sometimes be too eager to ingest anything dipped in boiling oil. Those foods may not just be heavy on the stomach, but also have damaging effects on the rest of our body.

“Research has shown that individuals who eat a diet high in deep-fried foods show a higher prevalence of inflammatory markers.” Says Obianuju Helen Okoye, MD, a St. Louis, MO based physician and healthcare executive.

Replacing those French fries for something like apple slices might be a good idea.

3. Sugar

We use it for things like sweetening our coffee to adding it to the cookie dough mixture. It helps to add flavor to a great deal of our food, but some of us may be ingesting far too much. It doesn’t just cause inflammation in a single area but throughout the entire body.

Joel Marsh, MD, MSc, an LA-based pediatrician says, “Sugar, dyes, and preservatives all cause inflammation. Food that causes inflammation to do so by damaging the lining leading to leaky gut.”

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Leaky gut is a condition in which the lining of the gut is thinned out and food particles seep into the bloodstream. Cutting out sugar can ensure this does not become a problem.

4. Donuts

So it’s about an hour before work and you stop at your favorite deli/donut shop. You look through the glass and eyeball your favorite pastry. It may be hard to hear or read, but donuts can cause noticeable inflammation in a matter of hours.

With a single donut, our bodies are given massive doses of sugar and trans fats. Doctor Hollingsworth says, “When the body encounters an imbalance, such as in blood glucose levels, the immune system is flagged and inflammation is triggered. These spikes in sugar can increase the body’s levels of pro-inflammatory messengers called cytokines.”

5. Dairy

There are campaigns all over the place that talks about the healing power of milk and how important it is to have as part of a diet. What those campaigns do not tell you is that dairy is one of the foods known to cause inflammation.
According to Danielle O’Connor, ND, an Ontario-based naturopathic doctor, “When ingested, dairy products caused disruption and irritation in the gut.” The doctor warns that the irritation may so much irritation that allergens may leak into the bloodstream, causing inflammation.
Headaches, fatigue, joint pain, and skin rashes may all be symptoms associated with dairy causing inflammation in the body.

6. Canned Soup

When we are sick, one of the go-to remedies is that of hot soup. The problem is that many of us aren’t exactly experts on soup and so resort to buying cans of whatever flavor from the local supermarket.

Canned soup tends to be very high in MSG, which can lead to chronic inflammation.

Take the alternative route and get on the internet for a lesson on how to make a decent homemade bowl of chicken noodles.

7. Deli Meats

In addition to the white bread you probably eat with your sandwich, it’s also likely that you bought deli meats with it. “Processed meats such as deli meat contain more advanced glycation end products (AGEs) than most other meats,” states Dr. Hollingsworth. “AGEs are inflammatory compounds that are created when the meats are dried, smoked, or otherwise processed and cooked at high temperatures.”

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The doctor further explains that AGEs have been proven to cause inflammation and may lead to chronic diseases such as colon cancer.

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