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9 Budget-Friendly And All-Inclusive Honeymoon Destinations

People wait their whole lives to walk down the aisle to their dream wedding. While the wedding remains a monumental day for the couple, the memories made during the honeymoon for the first time as Mr and Mrs have sentimental value. Honeymoons strengthen the bond between a couple and give them ample free time to themselves without disturbance. It is necessary considering the busy lives people lead today trying to make ends meet.

A wedding alone costs a lot of money so to squeeze a luxury honeymoon might be tasking for some couples. Worry not as you can experience the full luxurious honeymoon package at cheaper rates in the following destinations:

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9. Jamaica

When people think of Jamaica, the first thing that comes to mind is reggae and dancehall music. By that alone, you can already imagine how fun a honeymoon in this Carribean destination will be. Jamaica offers the full island honeymoon experience.

You can take the Bob Marley nine-mile tour for the fans of the legend. You can go zip lining and on a safari tour on a Jeep among many other excursions. It is important to check the news before booking the flight to ensure there is stability where you are going. The government, however, assures tourists that it is safe for them.

8. Philippines

The serenity of the Philippines is bound to get you and your partner even more relaxed during your honeymoon. The crystal blue waters of the islands are magnificent to view. We can’t deny that Filipino’s love to party so you have to ensure you visit a festival while there.

7. Belize

Belize is the cheaper substitute for Singapore as it has it all. It offers fun, enjoyment and epic adventure. Not only will you enjoy a sparkly beach, but also experience caving in the world’s most sacred cave. The list of activities possible is endless and all come at an affordable price.

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6. Thailand

Thailand has grown into a famous tourist destination and is perfect for honeymooners on a budget. This tropical  Asian country gives you more than just sandy beaches and clear blue water; you will be blown away by the culture of the people as well. There exists a myriad of temples you can check out.

Thailand has affordable accommodation enabling you to explore the country. You can engage in fun activities like snorkeling and island hopping.

5. Saint Martin

A literal paradise is what many people have described St Marteen as. Located towards the East of Puerto Rico, this beautiful destination oozes romance and sensuality. It is a perfect honeymoon spot for lovers with some of the best sandy beaches in the world. It has a Dutch and a French side thus giving couples a feel of the different cultures and ways of life.

4. Mexico

Mexico is known for its fantastic tequila and you can already guess how good a time you could have honeymooning here. Enjoy world-class scuba diving and indulge in great cuisine. Don’t miss the wonderful adventure of exploring colorful colonial towns and climbing atop ancient Mayan ruins.

3. Portugal

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This city is among the top-rated honeymoon destinations in Europe. This is thanks to its rich history and all the fun romantic things you can do while there. There is truly no shortage of things to do. Many people like taking strolls through vineyards and wine tasting while at it. You can enjoy a romantic candle-lit dinner and wake up to island-hop on the magnificent islands around.

2. Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has been a top destination for honeymooners for years. The coastline in Puerto Rico is extensive and huge which explains the breathtaking scenery. El Yunque Rainforest Guided Hike would be recommended for the adventurous couples. The magnificence of the Waterfall Tour is undeniable.

1. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a paradise waiting to be explored. This beautiful Caribbean country has the scenery people wish to live in. It’s gorgeous hidden beaches and a plethora of jungles are all the hype. It also has some fascinating volcanoes. It has a little bit of everything for every type of person giving honeymooners many options to choose from. Whether you are thrill-seekers or cultural heritage junkies, Costa Rica ensures that you never want to go back home.

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