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9 Of The Oldest Irish Pubs In The World That Are Still Open

Since time immemorial, the great nation of Ireland has been synonymous with public houses which are now referred to as pubs. Ireland’s reputation with beer precedes itself and dates back as early as 5,000 years ago. If you ask a random person what he thinks of the Irish, he will probably say they are drunkards.

This is a common misconception that, of course, isn’t true but is as a result of the historical place of Ireland in whiskey production. Irish whiskey is distributed all around the world.

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The land rich in history and culture also happens to be home to one of the world’s oldest pubs. In these old pubs, you can have a good time while getting a quick history lesson from the locals.

Sean’s Bar

Sean’s bar is believed to be the oldest Irish pub in Ireland and probably in the entire world. The old spot has served as a popular tourist attraction for centuries now.

Established in the Irish town of Athlone on the banks of Ireland’s longest river the River Shannon in 900 AD, the pub was recognized as ‘The Oldest Pub in Ireland’ in the Guinness Book of World Records back in 2004.

The Brazen Head

Established in 1198 AD, the Brazen head has competed for the title of the oldest pub in Ireland against Sean’s bar. The quaint little space has a lot of historic value in Dublin and this is evident once you step inside. The colorful walls are decorated with photos of all the iconic people who have ever visited and performed there.

Morahan’s Bar

Family-owned Morahan’s bar was established in the year 1641 but the current bar people walk into was started in 1841. The renown family is famously known for being a goods and service provider in the community. Its gentle charm takes you away from the busy city life that most are accustomed to.

Back in the day they provided things such as flour and food and have evolved into selling packaged goods. Their pub isn’t the oldest in the world but when considering those ran by families, it’s the oldest family-run public house.

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McHughs Bar

Walking into this old-timer pub is like time-traveling back in time to the 16th century age. The pub located on Queen’s Square in Belfast was discovered to be the oldest building there in 1997. The old pub was named by its renown publican owner in 1989 Pat McHugh.


This Dublin based public house was established in 1789 and has immense historical value. An experience at this old pub is worth the trip getting there. The popular pub features live acts and musicians every night of the week giving fans a night to remember. Many people go there to experience a bit of Ireland as Irish folk music is played.

Kyteler’s Inn

Of all the pubs on this list, Kyteler’s Inn located in Kilkenny City wins the award for having the scariest history tied to it. According to the stories, it was established by Dame Alice de Kyteler and hence named after her. The controversial figure led a life many back then were concerned about because she was married four times and had amassed a lot of wealth.

The townsfolk at the time almost 800 years ago accused Alice of witchcraft and planned on how they would torch heer. The damsel ran away to England before they could actualize their plans.

Crosskeys Inn

The medieval thatched pub is rich in heritage and stands on a very historical site in Dublin City. It’s easy to imagine Crosskeys Inn as the post office that it previously was because of its structure. You wouldn’t tell the structure has survived a fire just by looking at it but the pub has been through a lot through the years.

Walking into the delightful place, you can’t help but get a sense of timelessness due to their tradition of storytelling,  music, and singing. The charming pub that was established in 1654 AD is recommended for tourists by many travel guides.

Gateway Bar

Established in 1698, Gateway Bar is the oldest bar in Cork City and is a popular eating and drinking joint for many locals.

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Grace Neill’s Bar

This bar established in 1611 AD was a wedding gift to Grace Neill from her father Hugh Jamison.  As some sort of jump back in time, the snug pub is a great venue for weddings.  This old establishment is a good place to enjoy a cold pint with some friends. This pub guarantees you an exceptional experience best enjoyed with friends and loved ones.


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