About Celebs Pulse

Celebs Pulse was established in March 2015 as a celebrity-related website. We started by covering every interesting story about our audience’s favorite stars and all the fun details you wouldn’t normally stumble upon.

As we grew, we started introducing new topics and informing our readers with up-to-date, trustworthy articles and stories. Our encouraging readers reminded us daily that they loved what we did and that we should continue in exploring our new path.

Ever since we decided to deliver diverse content to our audience, Celebs Pulse continued to expand beyond our expectations. We still keep the same name despite the wide range of categories our team covers today, and like to see it as an ode to our sweet beginnings.

Why Celebs Pulse?

Today, Celebs Pulse is made of people coming from different cultures, nations, and backgrounds. We love what we do, and enjoy serving interesting articles to our audience.

Everything we do derives from our passion for writing and exploring new things. We constantly challenge ourselves to reach higher standards, and so far, we have always fulfilled our aims.

On our website, you will find everything that you might want to read while online: from health and beauty tips to inspiring lives of real people, from wonders of nature to scientific discoveries, astonishing art masterpieces, and Hollywood stories.

Our Goal

Our mission is to educate our readers by providing them with a daily dose of positive news and to preserve all the amazing things that happen on our planet them by putting them into words.

We never seize to be amazed by the amount of goodness and talent that exists on Earth, and our passion is to find these moments of joy that deserve to be remembered.

Celebs Pulse is your daily dose of educational entertainment and inspiration.

Want to be updated with hand-picked news from different fields? Read Celebs Pulse, we’ve got you covered!

Editoral Team

Christine Lally – Editor
Debra Quick – Author
Matthew E. Allen – Author
Meghan J. Barrett – Author
Mei Peng – Contributor
Steven Rawls – Contributor