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Meet The Famous Addams Family Members

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The Addams family has been one of the most loved TV series of all time. Little do people know it all began as a comic in The New York Times back in 1938.

The Addams Family has been a sensation for many kids and Halloween lovers all through the years when it first made its debut on TV in the 1960s.

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The Addams Family Creator

Born in 1912 to Charles Huey Addams and Grace M. Spear Addams, Charles ‘Chas’ Adams is the creator of the spooky and eccentric wealthy Addams Family.

He had quite the normal happy childhood, not a macabre one as many would think given his love for what many would term as weird. Charles Addams was a glorified cartoon artist for The New York Times.

He was a true sensation to many and had an admirable less complicated life. Simplicity is austerity for sure.

“Family is everything” is the best way to describe how close they are to each other and value togetherness.

The Addamses way of life, which masses would consider as a non-conventional and awkward way of living brings out the humor in them. Each of the characters has their own different supernatural powers.

Despite their weirdness, they are welcoming and hospitable completely oblivious of some of their guests’ intentions. They are usually surprised when most people freak out when they are having a normal day “as everyone is”, so they think because they are under the impression that it is how everyone lives in the “world” around them.

What most of us would consider as normal, to them it is the complete opposite.

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Characters Of The Addams Family

Gomez Addams

Gomez Addams, originally of Castilian origin is portrayed as the master of the household, loving husband to Morticia Addams and the father to two children Wednesday and Pugsley Addams.

A successful man who valued family and an enthusiast in what he did. He was a good lawyer but was quite pleased whenever he lost cases and took much pride when his classmates voted him as the person who would not pass the bar. How hilarious is that?

Satirically, he was pretty much very wealthy from his family inheritance and an astute businessman with numerous investments but never really valued money that much.

His investments were primarily done to lose in the market but would get so many gains contrary to what he really wanted. With all his success, he would go out of his way and exercise extreme generosity to those that he valued.

Gomez was also a classy man which was depicted by his conservative way of dressing in pinstripe suits.

Morticia Addams

Morticia Addams nee Frump came in as a beautiful matriarch who really adored her loving husband and her two children. She had pale skin and dressed in a long floor-length black dress.

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Morticia was a peaceful sanguine that had a love for raising carnivorous plants, was fond of knitting and took good care of roses. She is portrayed as the calm one in the family.

Wednesday And Pugsley Addams

Wednesday is the daughter to Gomez and Morticia, and Pugsley their firstborn son. The daughter is quite the peculiar one with an innate desire to intentionally harm her brother even though she seems innocent.

Her character is of a mature and smart girl with a fascination with peculiar things; her black widow spider pet Homer, Lucifer which was her pet lizard and her decapitated doll Marie Antoinette.

Pugsley is a well-mannered boy you were incredibly smart, constantly inventing things and even joined the boy scouts. Just as everyone else has a ghoulish trait in them, he had a guillotine for a toy.

Wednesday would make attempts to harm him or even kill him, which she would succeed but he would still come back to life. The humor to this is that he used to enjoy the sport hence encouraging his sister to come up with new ways.

Uncle Fester

Uncle Fester was known for his devilish sly grin, deep eyes, bald head, and a pointy nose.

He was Morticia’s uncle. Just as everyone has their weird traits, he was not left out. He would lay on nails, light a bulb with his tongue and always carried dynamites.


Lurch looked like Frankenstein. He was the Addamses butler.

A being of fewer words and would most of the time he would groan to respond or react to something.

Grandma Addams

Grandma Addams was the mother of Gomez. She is not your regular cold-hearted kind of witch.

Grandma Gomez was highly gullible and kind-hearted despite the norm of spell casting as it is the order of witches.


Thing is a disembodied hand which crawls from a box upon being summoned. It was Gomez’s childhood friend and communicated in alphabets, sign language or by writing.

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