All About Austin Butler’s Sister, Ashley Lucas

Meet Austin Butler‘s sister.

The Oscar nominee is the younger brother of Ashley Lucas, his one and only sibling. The two were raised by their parents, David (a commercial real estate appraiser) and Lori (who ran a daycare at home), in Anaheim, California, where they lived for the majority of their lives.

Their parents divorced amicably when Austin was seven years old, causing him and his sister to move fluidly between their respective houses.

In 2014, their mother died of cancer, which both the actor and his sister have opened up over the years. “I owe her for everything,” Austin previously said of his mom. “The older I get, the more I see pieces of her in myself,” Ashley wrote on Instagram. “I can’t tell you how happy that makes me.”

While Austin has been in the spotlight for his critically acclaimed acting career — most notably playing the “King of Rock and Roll” in Baz Luhrmann’s film, Elvis — Ashley posts publicly on her Instagram, sharing constant support for her younger brother.

Recently, Austin invited Ashley to the 2023 Golden Globe Awards as his date in January. However, that wasn’t the first time Ashley showed her support for her brother. She has shared countless tributes to him on her social media, documenting Austin’s many successes.

Here’s everything to know about Austin’s sister, including what the actor has said about her.

She’s older than Austin Butler

Ashley Butler/Instagram

Ashley grew up alongside Austin in California, where they were born and raised. She is older than Austin and his only sibling.

Austin revealed during an interview with Vogue that he and Ashley would occasionally play hooky at Disneyland since they lived so close to the park in Anaheim. The actor revealed that they “didn’t have much money,” but their mom would “splurge” on season passes for them “just because.”

She currently lives in South Carolina

Ashley Butler/Instagram

Although she lived in California her entire life, Ashley moved to South Carolina after she wed her husband, Tony Lucas, in 2018. She documented the big day on her Instagram in 2019, two days before their big move.

“While it’s sad to leave the state we’ve called home for our entire lives, we can’t wait for our new house, new adventure and our 5 week honeymoon road trip along the way!!!!” Ashley captioned a photo with her husband alongside a moving truck.

Amid their move, Ashley shared an update on their transition and compared their new environment to California. While she said that South Carolina is “a whole different world than Los Angeles” — particularly “the wildlife, the sounds, the weather, the people, the vibe — she noted that “it all feels different,” but “in a good way.”

She has been super supportive of Austin Butler’s career

Ashley Butler/Instagram

Ashley is very open on her Instagram, sharing everything from her personal life to support of her brother’s career. Between birthday tributes and throwback posts, it’s evident that Austin and his big sis share a special bond.

In honor of his 25th birthday in 2016, Ashley penned a sweet sentiment to the “most amazing brother in the world.” She wrote, “You have a love for the world that radiates, and a motivation and drive that inspires – not only me, but all who you come in contact with. I am grateful that you’re my brother, but even more grateful that you’re my friend. I love you and I am so glad you were born!!”

As for championing his career, her support dates back to his work in The Shannara Chronicles in 2015, one of the projects that helped him gain critical acclaim. She did the same in 2019 when he landed the titular role in Elvis in 2019.

“OH MY GOSH YOU GUYS! I can’t contain myself! I’m bursting with excitement and pride!!! I am SO PROUD of my little brother @austinbutler and all of his hard work!!!! I could just scream!!!” she wrote.

She didn’t see Austin for three years while he was prepping for Elvis

Eric Charbonneau/Shutterstock

While Ashley has undeniably been by Austin’s side, she had to support him from afar while he was preparing for his role as the King of Rock and Roll. During a conversation with Janelle Monáe for Variety, the actor revealed the lengths he went through to get into character — involving his lengthy isolation from his family.

“I didn’t see my family for about three years,” he explained. “I was prepping with Baz [Luhrmann, Elvis director], and then I went to Australia. I had months where I wouldn’t talk to anybody. And when I did, the only thing I was ever thinking about was Elvis. I was speaking in his voice the whole time.”

Austin Butler thanked her in his Golden Globes speech

Ashley Butler/Instagram

While walking the red carpet of the 34th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Gala in January 2023, Austin revealed to Entertainment Tonight that he’d be bringing his sister to the 2023 Golden Globe Awards as his date.

Though he noted it was a “hard” decision to pick out who will join him on the big night, Butler told the outlet, “She’s my one and only sister, so it’ll be nice to be with her.”

The actor stuck to his word when the big day arrived on Jan. 10. Not only did Austin pose alongside Ashley for photos on the red carpet ahead of the awards, but he gave her a special shoutout during his acceptance speech after winning best actor for his role as Elvis.

“I also want to thank my family,” Austin said after thanking Lisa Marie and Priscilla Presley. “My sister’s here with me tonight… Ashley, I love you so much.” He continued in part, “I want to thank my dad who’s watching at home. I want to thank my mom who I know is smiling down right now… Mama, I love you so much.”

She had a close relationship with Vanessa Hudgens

Ashley Butler/Instagram

Ashley shared a close relationship with Vanessa Hudgens, who Austin dated for over eight years before splitting up in 2020.

Vanessa has appeared in several of Ashley’s posts on Instagram. In 2016, Ashley showed her support for Vanessa when she starred in Grease Live! on Fox. “This lady is going to blow us all away with her talent and beauty!” she captioned a post of the actress dressed in character with the hashtag, “#sisterineverhad.”

Despite Austin and Vanessa’s split, it seems Ashley and Vanessa still have a close relationship. The two currently still follow one another and like each other’s posts.

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