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Are Almonds Good For You?

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Almond is one of the favorite nut trees. Although it originally grows in the Mediterranean region and the Middle East, U.S. is today its largest world producer. These tasty nuts are a great snack that both fill you up and give you a nutritional boost. They are rich in proteins, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats.

You can usually find either raw or roasted almonds in your local supermarket. Apart from being broadly used as a very healthy between-meal bite, they are also used to produce almond milk, butter, oil or paste (commonly known as marzipan).

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Our common, fast-paced diet usually lacks healthy fats and good nutrients. This consequently leads to the development of chronic diseases linked to high levels of cholesterol and sugar blood rates. That’s why it’s important to incorporate into our diet some of the goods nature has prepared for us. A good, healthy diet is a key to a balanced life.


So, what is the nutritional value of one serving of almonds?

You would probably expect that a serving of almonds is pretty low in calories, but actually, it counts about 162 calories. Nevertheless, it will provide you with not only 6 grams of protein, 75 mg of calcium, 3.5 grams of fiber, but also 13 grams of unsaturated fatty acids. These are the healthy fats that you would likely want to add to your diet, as they take care of your heart health and help lower total cholesterol.

How many almonds should you eat a day?

As we mentioned above, almonds are not that low on calories, so you should be careful not to wolf these healthy bites down. Portion control is the key here. A handful is an optimal measure you should follow while snacking on almonds. It should contain approximately 23 almonds. If you’re at the office, an ideal amount of almonds should be enough to cover the surface of a regular sticky note. Do not exaggerate with these wonderful nuts, as the high level of fiber might make your stomach go nuts when you’re least expecting it!

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