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Amateur Golfer Makes 2 Hole-In-One’s In A Single Round

Source : Green Acres Golf Course

When it comes to any sport, practice makes perfect. Even professional athletes do not take much downtime when it comes to refining your skills and reflexes. So when an amateur manages to sink a basket or nail a shot, it is because they practiced? Or was it just pure luck?

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Golf isn’t a complicated sport like most others, but it is one that requires an eye for the right driver and far more patience than most people really have. Even the most veteran players have succumbed to frustration, ‘driving’ them to lose focus and mess up what could have been an excellent shot.

Jim Grant, 59, of Melbourne, Australia, has played golf ‘seriously’ for the last 15 years. He has played at the Green Acres Golf Club ever since he took up the sport. Despite being an amateur golfer, he made a series of shots that even professionals would have trouble sinking.

During a round of golf with friends, Grant sunk his first shot on the par-three 11th hole on the course. The odds of making that shot are about 12,000 to 1.

“I got to the 11th which is a 140-150 meter par three with water and bunkers on both sides, so it’s a bit of a trick green, and I hit an eight iron. The ball hit the green and started rolling towards the hole, and I thought: ‘gee, this is going to get close.’”

Source : Green Acres Golf Course

In the same round of golf, on the par-three 17th, Grant made an even more unlikely shot. As he lined up to make his move, the 59-year-old amateur golfer said to his friends: “What are the chances of getting two holes in one?”

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Jim made the decision to take his swing with a five-iron. Losing sight of the ball, he turned to his friends to ask another question, “you don’t think that went in?”

Sure enough, Jim Grant had sunk the ball in a single shot on the par-three 17th.

According to the US’ Nation Hole-In-One Registry, the odds of this are 67,000,000-1. Think you can make the same impossible shot?

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