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Protect Amazon Rainforest By Donating To These Trustful Charities

Rainforests in Amazonia account for 20% of the Earth’s production of oxygen which is why this biggest jungle on our planet is rightfully referred to as “lungs of the Earth”. In the last two weeks, the amount of fires detected in Amazonia has spiked and people are legitimately worrying about what is going on with our only place to live in.

The fires are so hazardous that the smoke traveled across states of Rondonia and Amazonas in Brazil and completely darkened the sky above the city of Sao Paolo making it seem as if it was a complete night in the middle of the day. Namely, the layer of smoke that covered the Brazilian states is estimated to be 1.2 million square miles wide.

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Rainforests so crucial for our planet are now burning and the smoke coming from the fire blazing can even be seen from space. What is even more worrying is that at the same time, forests in Siberia and Greenland are also on fire. The forests that should be producing oxygen are now producing carbon, a chemical element accounted for the most efficient trigger of global warming.

The outrage people felt when media finally started covering the issue of Amazonia fires, is completely justified. Especially because there are speculations that the human factor caused an incredibly high number of fires this year, reaching 73,000 fires recorded between January and August 2019, which is almost the double compared to fires recorded last year (40,000).

Namely, since last August 13th until today (August 24th), new 10,000 fires started in the Amazonia area. The massive increase in fires seems to worry only regular citizens, while politicians do almost nothing to sanction the irresponsible behavior of livestock companies that are deciding which way the entire world’s population will go.

However, there are some things you can do to help. There are plenty of non-profits and organizations that fight against the exploitation of what is most valuable to us – nature.

We have picked six charities that are helping the Amazon rainforest and that are rated well for their accountability and financial management.

Here they are:

Amazon Conservation Association

The Amazon Conservation Association has planted over 275,000 trees in Amazonia in order to restore critical habitats. They also work with local communities in Peru and Bolivia to support sustainable livelihoods throughout the entire area.

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Although they cannot stop fires, they can alert local authorities when conservation threats occur thanks to their monitoring satellites. They work to prevent these things from happening and to protect the incredible biodiversity in the world’s biggest rainforest.

Amazon Conservation Team

The Amazon Conservation Team can help stop fires in a quite interesting manner. They protect tropical forests by partnering with indigenous people and local communities.

They fight against deforestation of Amazon by supporting the rainforest’s main guardians, the indigenous people. According to ACT, numerous studies have found that areas that are protected by indigenous people have the lowest rates of deforestation. To give you a hint on how much these people care about their surroundings and nature, the areas they inhabit have lower rates of deforestation than in national parks protected by the government.

Though forest fire mitigation isn’t the primary goal of this organization, they started supporting indigenous communities in their fire recovery efforts.

Amazon Watch

Amazon Watch works in the same way as the Amazon Conservation Team. They support local communities and the indigenous in their shared fight against deforestation.

Deforestation dries out forests making them easier to catch fire. If there hasn’t been such a rise in Amazonia deforestation in the last couple of years, these fires couldn’t have spread this easily.

Think in long-term achievements, and support organizations that could prevent these awful things from happening.

Rainforest Foundation US

The principle of this organization is quite similar to the previous two. Nonetheless, it is crucial to support various organizations so that they can have an altogether greater impact on what is going on.

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Help them protect indigenous communities and their home.

Rainforest Trust

Rainforest Trust protected over 1.28 billion trees, 125 endangered mammal species as well as 75 bird species in 2018. They have been looking for intelligent strategies to cut off rainforest deforestation by strategical land purchases.

They have different funds you can choose from that all aim at the same goal – protection of the Amazonia and it’s incredible biodiversity.

I have donated money to help save our lungs. I invited my friends and relatives to help. Act quickly and be among responsible global citizens that know how to react to the injustice done to our Mother Nature. Save your planet, donate, share and invite your friends to act. If the fires continue, and if next year we see the same thing occur, we won’t have too much time left here.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Do the right thing!

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