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The Best Animals Actors On The Red Carpet

We have all been used to seeing celebrities gracing the red carpet with all glitz and glam in high heels, designer clothes and expensive jewelry.

All celebrities are ready to pose on their best sides for the camera and make it on newspaper covers and tabloids. Well, here is something you do not see every day, animals on the red carpet.

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Animal actors have warmed the hearts of many as well as stealing the show on the red carpet.

Here are some of the most amazing animals that have been on the red carpet and nailed it.


Crystal is a twenty-five-year-old monkey that almost everyone knows. She dresses in pearls, dresses and even tuxedos for the red carpet. Crystal is so loveable and always oozes a different positive life.

She was born in the cinemas. This is so literal because she “started her career” in 1997 when she graced the cinema screens after featuring in George of the Jungle.

She later played a drug dealer in The Hangover Part II, Nightmare at the Museum sequel, Animal Practice, Zookeeper, and Gibby. She has won the heart of many as she always poses and smiles for the camera.

Uggie the dog from The Artist

Uggie is a Russell Terrier. He is not the kind to dress up for the red carpet; a collar would do just fine. Famous for starring in The Artist and Water for Elephants, he has stolen the hearts of many on the red carpet.

He is a well-trained dog. He has appeared in the Oscars, got nominated for an Honorary Academy Award and even received the Palm Dog Award in 2011.

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The Stars of Mr Popper’s Penguins

Hollywood will always get you talking. On the world premiere for Jim Carrey’s ‘Mr. Popper’s Penguins’, Penguins were driven in a limo and walked down a red plank and onto the red carpet.

They had on their natural tuxedos.

Grumpy Cat at the MTV Movie Awards

You have seen her making rounds in the internet memes. Grumpy cat is no happy cat for her face tells it all, unlike other felines that are giddy around its companion.

She always seems disinterested. She made an appearance at the MTV Movie Awards. Did she seem excited as other animals that made it to the red carpet? Well, her grumpy nature would tell you that she is not.

Salem from the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Black cats are associated just give the creeps. Salem appeared on the red carpet on the world premiere of the thriller, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. She plays as a protector and companion of the witch Sabrina.

She is quite mannered and does have a thing for the limelight.

Gary the Duck from The Pacifier

Yellow beak, green head, white collar, body covered in brown feathers and yellow webbed feet. Gary the dark sure seems to be dressed up for any occasion.

She made an appearance on the red carpet with his co-star Vin Diesel during the film premiere of The Pacifier in Hollywood.

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Koda Bear and Dj from Eight Below

In February 2012, the lovable huskies Koda Bear and Dj made an appearance at the El Capitan Theatre for the world premiere of Disney’s Eight Below. They were accompanied by their late co-star Paul Walker.

On filming the movie, the directors had Paul Walker’s face smeared with chicken so that the huskies could lick his face.

Pip, Glen Close’s Companion

Pip has made so many red carpet appearances because of her owner Glenn Close. If an award for most appearances was to be awarded, we all know who the winner should be.

Jack “B” Bauer from The Kingsman

The comedy/action movie has never failed to deliver to its audience. Eggsy, who is recruited to The Kingsmen, an elite class of spy gentlemen owned a dog that he mistook for a bulldog.

The pug made an appearance at the world premiere of the movie dressed in a red tuxedo. This won the heart of many because you do not get to see this every day.

The Ostrich from Arrested Development

The big bird star made an appearance on the red carpet on the premiere of its fourth season.

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