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7 Superhero Animals That Literally Saved Human Lives

Animals are capable of a variety of amazing things. They have been known to swim and jump further than we previously thought.

Some of us may also think of them as being single-minded creatures focused on survival. But they are also capable of compassion and feats of heroism that surprise everyone.

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Here’s a list of hero animals you might not have heard of:

1. African Pouched Rat

Rats are typically seen as disgusting vermin we cannot stand to have anywhere near us. They’re useless and need to just go away. Or maybe we should give them a chance and try to understand them like the Belgian organization APOPO has.

The company has been training rats to do amazing things. First, they are trained to detect landmines and have detected over 56,000 since 2007. Because the rodents are so lightweight, the trigger mechanism in the landmines are not tripped.

They have also been employed as a tool in the fight against TB. There have since been 8,000 cases of TB detected by rats that were missed by medical professionals. The HeroRATs, as they’re known, can get a day’s worth of sample evaluation done in minutes, making treatment easier than it’s ever been.

2. Bailey, Terrier-mix to The Rescue

House fires are a dangerous occurrence that can happen at any moment without warning.

If not for the efforts of fitness instructor Chantelle Lister’s Terrier-mix, her daughters may have lost their lives. Lister left her home in Northamptonshire, England, for work at 7 am, business as usual.

Her three children were asleep when a fire started in the conservatory choking up the oxygen in the house with black smoke. Bailey, the Terrier, sprang into action and bolted up the stairs to warn the children.

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The eldest daughter, Loren, woke up thanks to the dog and rounded up her siblings and got them to safety through a second-story window.

“The firemen pulled Bailey out and tried to resuscitate him, but he was dead,” Chantelle said of their family dog. “They put a blanket over him and I kept thinking, ‘That could have been one of my children.’ Bailey was such a character and so loving. The children wouldn’t be here without him. He’s my hero and I’m eternally grateful to him.”

3. Khan the Doberman Snake Wrangler

Dogs are known for their instinct to protect their pack and Khan fits the bill well. The toddler of the family, Charlotte, was playing in the garden while the dog sat and watched. As she played, Khan caught sight of a venomous King Brown Snake and tried to move the child to safety.

When the child wouldn’t abide, he picked her up in his mouth and planted her a couple of feet away. Moving the child scared the snake which proceeded to bite Khan on the leg. He made a full recovery and got plenty of treats for his heroics.

4. Lulu the pot-bellied Pig

Pigs are known by people more for the food they can provide us than the crazy things they can do. Even more surprising is how heroic a pig can be. When JoAnn Altsman suffered a heart attack, Lulu broke through her front door and ran to the street for help.

She lied in the street to stop traffic, checked on JoAnn, and kept going back until someone followed her to the house. Lulu’s heroics helped her owner get to the hospital in time.

5. Willie the Parrot

Birds are usually known for their quirky personalities and the messes they can make. Willie the Quaker Parrot may change what we all think of parrots. When 2-year-old Hannah Kuusk was choking on a pop tart, Willie screamed, “Mama! Baby! Mama! Baby!”

This gave Megan Howard, the child’s babysitter the time to rush from the bathroom to give the child the Heimlich maneuver and save Hannah’s life. For his efforts, Willie was awarded the local Red Cross chapter’s Animal Lifesaver Award.

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6. Toby the Golden Retriever

2-year-old Golden Retriever Toby was with his owner, Debbie Parkhurst, 45, when she began choking on an apple. After seeing his owner fail to dislodge the apple herself, the pooch pushed her down and proceeded to jump on her chest.

Eventually, the dog’s actions were met with success and the apple came flying out.

7. Honey, the Cocker Spaniel

Honey and her owner Michael Bosch had someone ended up upside down in a ravine inside of the man’s SUV. Bosch managed to get his dog loose and hoped that the 5-month-old pup would somehow find help.

Honey did indeed find a man a half-mile from the accident and brought him back to the vehicle. Rescuers said if it wasn’t for Honey, Bosch certainly would have died.

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