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This African Teen Just Invented An Innovative App To Find Lost Kids

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Missing children in African nations has been a terrible problem for many years. The sheer size of land and lack of technology once made it difficult to locate missing youths. But one teenager’s love of coding may lead the way in finding and protecting other children in her country and others.

Tomisin Ogunnubi, a Fifteen-year-old from Nigeria, had discovered she had a knack for coding when she was younger and pondered what to do with her newfound knowledge. She then focused her energy on working on a specific need in her country.

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In 2016, Ogunnubi developed the My Locator app. It was designed children to notify their parents of possible emergencies or if they simply got lost. The young was concerned not only for the safety of others, but her own as well. She found it important to have peace of mind when going outside.

Currently only available for Android, the My Locator app has three parts: Current Location, Alert Button, and Remembered Location. Current Location, as the name suggests, will show a child exactly where they are in a given area. Remebered Location acts as a ‘favorites’ list, allowing children to be directed somewhere chosed from a list of saved locations. The Alert Button has two functions: it can contact the Lagos State Emergency Service for help and alert family members and loved ones.

Tomisin Ogunnubi’s success with My Locator, which now has over 1,000 downloads on Google Play, has inspired the future software engineer to begin work on new projects. For now, she says, the things she’s working on will have to be kept secret. Since apps slowly evolve as the code is tweaked, revealing them too early isn’t always the best course of action.

The Nigerian teenager’s school has even added coding courses to its curriculum, likely in the hopes to inspire new students to follow the same path.

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