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Arnold Schwarzenegger And Linda Hamilton Reunite For New ‘Terminator’ Sequel

Robot movies have been popular for a number of years now. The reason we like a movie certainly varies from person to person, but more the sci-fi genre than others. While one of us may want to see a bit of humor as portrayed in Small Soldiers, another may want killer robots like the NS-5s from I, Robot.

Among die-hard sci-fi fans, two things are most important: First, if it’s a sequel, it needs the original cast to be believable. Second, if there’s a gap in the story, it should be filled.

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Sci-fi fans will be happy to know that James Cameron, the man behind the Terminator series, is going to be doing both. Linda Hamilton, who played Sarah Connor in the first two installments, will be re-joining cast mate Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Terminator universe, along with the evil cyber-entity we all know and love.

While this will be the fifth time that actor-turned-governor is appearing in the series, it will only be the third for Linda Hamilton. The actress will be returning as kick-ass mother Sarah Connor, with her male co-star like returning as a machine in the T-series.

Director James Cameron felt it was important for the Sarah character to return to the series and pass on her knowledge of Skynet, the malevolent cyberintelligence, to her son and others. Those who follow the Terminator series might remember that the Sarah Connor character loses her life to cancer in 2005.

A young actor by the name of Jude Collie and Arnold’s CGI stand-in from Genisys, Brett Azar, will also be involved. The project will be directed by Deadpool 2’s Tim Miller, with James Cameron producing, with David S Goyer (Batman vs. Superman) as one of three writers.

The untitled project, releasing in 2019, is intended to completely ignore every movie after T2: Judgement Day. With an entire storyline cut out from the lore, it will be interesting what direction the series goes in and how fans will respond.

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