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Facts About Arya Stark All GOT Fans Should Know

Arya Stark is one of the main characters of the book series Game of Thrones, and HBO show of the same name. While her stature is small and unassuming, she is a more than capable warrior in her own right. As popular as the series is, both in book and show form, few fans are informed of details that are not front and center for the character’s storyline.

Here are a couple of facts that you may not have known about Arya Stark, daughter of Eddard Stark:

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1. She, Like Bran, is a Warg

The first time I came across the word ‘Warg,’ it was in a game used to describe wolves. But in the GoT universe, wargs are shapeshifters. Like her brother, she seems to have inherited this train. For Arya, though, the change tends to happen during the night hours while she rests. The form she takes is that of Nymeria, the direwolf she bonded to.

An excerpt shows her dreams are as true to her character as they are unique: “She was strong and swift and fierce, and her pack was all around her, her brothers and sisters. They ran down a frightened horse together, tore its throat out and feasted.”

2. She Killed One of Jon Snow’s Brothers

Because of her stature, many people misread Arya and assume that she wouldn’t lift a sword to anyone. The books show us a far more bloodthirsty Arya from the very start. At one point, in the book, a singer name Dareon abandons the Night’s Watch after falling in love with someone in Braavos.

If you’ve seen the pilot episode of the HBO series, you know that shirking Watch duties carries the penalty of death. The Stark girl gets super dark when she slits Dareon’s throat and tosses him into the river, making sure to take the boots he’s been wearing. Many believe she was simply behaving as a Stark should, punishing the singer for abandoning his post.

3. She’s The Only Character with Entire Chapters from Her POV

The biggest difference between the book and the show is how much Arya takes center stage during the book. In the show, we see characters like Tyrion Lannister, Jon Snow, and Daenerys far more often, and are given more background on them.

The books also show us that Arya seems to have gone into hiding after visiting Braavos. Fans of the books will remember that A Feast for Crows alone, she had an entire three chapters told from her perspective.

Arya Stark is consistently speaking of her dealings in the books, something everyone can look forward to.

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4. She Named Her Direwolf After an Ancient Princess

The inspiration for her wolf’s name comes from the legend of Princess Nymeria of Ny Sar. Those familiar with the story will remember how the legend goes: “fleeing potential enslavement at the hands of the Valyrian Freehold, the princess led 10,000 ships packed with her fellow Rhoynar in search of free lands where her people would be safe. After a long and perilous journey, Nymeria landed on Dorne, where she formed an alliance with the Martells and ended up becoming the leader of Dorne for several decades.”

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5. Arya Murders Her Way Out of Harrenhal and Kills a Stark Bannerman

Anyone who’s seen the movie knows that the character Jaqen H’ghar is the one who helps the Stark girl escape Harrenhal Castle. The books see a much different series of events that begin after the H’ghar hand her a Bravosi coin.

With Gendry and Hot Pie in tow, Arya steals food and kills a bannerman of House Bolton, who by association was a Stark bannerman.

Many believe this shows us that the Stark girl’s lack of honor is probably what’s been keeping her breathing.

6. She’s Younger Than People Realize

The show has seen the actress grow as a character and change with the passage of time. In the books, one must realize that she was around 9 years old when she first murdered someone, only recently turning 11 years old.

Fans of hers are keen on remembering the blood thirst she displayed in the show, gouging one person’s eyes out and carving the face off another.

One excerpt from the books really gives us insight into just how she feels about the bloodshed: “It’s no matter, she thought, swinging up into the saddle. The rain will wash them clean again.” Right… I’d be terrified to meet that ten-year-old.

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7. She Plans An Uprising at Harrenhall by Herself

It should come as no surprise that Arya, being of Stark blood, would accomplish a feat like escaping the castle dungeons.

While Tywin Lannister is away and with the help of H’ghar, Arya’s plan frees imprisoned Northmen to help her take back the castle.

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