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Ashton Kutcher Opens Up About His Twin Brother At The Acceptance Of His Award

Source: JD Lasica

A lot of people consider themselves close to their relatives. Some of us are close with each member of our family, while others may be closer with a parent, cousin, or sibling. But most agree that no people in the world have a stronger bond than a twin.

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Ashton Kutcher never knew as a kid what it was like not having to share. The Butterfly Effect actor made a heartwarming speech dedicated to his brother during his acceptance of the Robert D. Ray Pillar of Character award at the Ron Pearson Centre. He said of life living with his brother, “..I shared my bedroom, shared my clothes, everything I had in this world because I didn’t know there was any other way. My brother was always around.”

The That 70’s Show star shared with the audience that he and his brother were not born the same. Whereas Ashton came out completely ‘healthy’, his brother Michael was born with a developmental condition known as cerebral palsy. He went on to say that “…The Constitution lied to us… We’re all created incredibly unequal..” citing that he had advantages his brother did not because of the cerebral palsy.

He stated that it taught him we aren’t equal and that loving people isn’t a choice.

The actor also believed that he had learned many things by living with his brother. As they grew up, he spent years feeling bad about the inequality between the pair, and that feeling sorry for him only made him less. It was during these times that Ashton learned his brother Michael possessed gifts his twin did not.

Ashton Kutcher also shared a little on the experience of life with wife Mila Kunis. He once got up before her to get the kids up and moving before she woke, allowing for her to sleep in. When he let his wife know about it, her response was: “One day makes you tired? I do this every day.”

Nevertheless, this 40-year-old actor keeps his spirit high, tries to be his brother’s strongest support and is embracing their diversity in the most loving way.

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