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Baby Has Never Had Carbs Or Sugars. This Is The Effect It Had On Her Body

Shannon Cooper is a health and wellness coach that decided to raise her baby girl in a quite an unconventional way. Or at least it is seen as quite unconventional by most of the other parents. Shannon’s decision raised a lot of brows and received plenty of positive and negative feedback by other parents and medical experts too.

Being so passionate about health and nutrition, Shannon decided not to feed her daughter Grace with sugar or carbs and designed a special eating plan for her. This unusual choice made Shannon and her daughter Grace become a big topic and caused some media drama. However, Shannon had a very interesting observation about Grace that served perfectly as a ultimate comeback to all the haters. Read here to discover what were the results of her dramatic decision.

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1. Health Comes First

A Brisbane, Australia resident Shannon Cooper is a health and wellness coach that truly believes in the old saying ‘you are what you eat’. She has been studying for most of her adult life about how different types of food affect the human body.

After a lot of research, Shannon came to a conclusion that food can either be fuel for our bodies, or it can be pure poison. She follows this logic in her own nutrition, and never eats anything that could harm her body. However, when she made a decision that affected her daughter, the topic became very controversial.

2. You Are What Your Food Ate

While most of us know the saying ‘you are what you eat’, there’s another saying that Shannon Cooper lives by: ‘you are what your food ate’. This belief is based on the concept of energy loss in food chains and the foods that the animals we eat ate.

For instance, if animals we eat lived in free range farms, the nutritional benefits would be much bigger than of caged animals. This is held true not only for meat, but for eggs too.

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3. Graduated From Agricultural Science

But Shannon’s decision wasn’t based on some non-relevant sources she read on Internet. Shannon actually pursued a degree in Agricultural Science, a specific strand of Biology that focuses on the growing and treating of plants for human consumption.

Knowing a lot of things about health and wellness too, she knew how important food is in our lives. So, when she gave birth to her baby girl Grace, she knew that she had a lot of difficult decisions to make about raising her daughter.

4. A Dramatic Decision

Being such an expert in the field of health and nutrition, she knew what she had to do. She decided that she will provide her family with the healthiest life possible, and she will start doing it with food.

She decided to cut out sugar, carbs and preservatives from her entire family’s diet. This is basically a Paleo diet that Shannon also followed herself. However, no one could have imagined how all this would affect her daughter when she grows up.

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5. Unusual Childhood

Shannon’s decision about her daughter’s nutrition came with some really strict rules her daughter had to follow. Grace was on an exclusive diet, and she couldn’t eat just any type of food other children would normally eat.

In fact, these decisions will make Grace’s childhood quite an unusual one. While most kids of her age would enjoy candies, ice cream or pop tarts, these sweets were all forbidden to little Grace.

6. Healthy Diet

Shannon Cooper, a self-proclaimed “gut health enthusiast”, didn’t just put her daughter on the Paleo diet, but she also decided she won’t feed her baby girl with baby jar food that contained too much preservatives. Instead, she would cook her everything by herself.

The healthy diet Shannon decided to feed her daughter with was the Paleo Diet, the stone-age diet, that consists of a lot of meat, fish, fruits and vegetables. This diet claims that you should eat only foods that the Paleolithic people were able to hunt and gather.

8. Paleo Lifestyle

Shannon has actually learned about the diet in 2010 when she had some health issues. She suffered from food allergies and the food she ate often made her feel sick. When she started with the Paleo Diet, it completely transformed her life.

As soon as she started eating Paleo, she felt much better and had more energy. Shannon also says she felt much happier too and accepted this diet as her new lifestyle. But what is controversial about the diet is that one should not only avoid sugar, processed foods, additives and carbs, but also dairy products, grains and legumes.

9. Pros And Cons

But is the caveman diet the best one for a modern baby? While there are definitely a lot of benefits from eating unprocessed foods with no preservatives or additives, it’s also true that our Paleo ancestors didn’t quite have the most optimal health.

Medical experts agree that some foods should be avoided, but is avoiding grains, legumes and diary foods a little bit too much for a kid? Can it even be harmful? Still, Shannon decided to raise her daughter on Paleo from day one. Was that a clever decision to make?

10. Caution

Before Shannon decided to feed her daughter with Paleo from day one, she consulted a doctor in order to be sure that her daughter gets all the nutrients she needed.

Obviously, she had to make few exceptions in the diet, and decided to breastfeed Grace for the first few months of her life. This was quite an obvious choice for most, but some parents that are feeding their children with paleo diet don’t allow breast milk.

11. Different Kid

Shannon often uploaded photos of Grace and her meals on Instagram. In fact, when you browse a bit through the photos you would soon get the impression that Grace is eating much healthier than most adults.

While her peers would enjoy some sugary treats, Grace would snack on broccoli, quinoa porridge or chia pudding. Most kids wouldn’t even get close to some of those foods, however Grace seemed to love everything she and her mother prepared. But what will the consequences be of this diet? Is Grace getting all the nutrients that she needed?

12. The Results

Shannon Cooper claims that she Paleo diet was making Grace a happy and healthy kid. Also, she says that her daughter only gotten sick once in her life, and of a simple, mild cold.

Knowing that children are prone to developing illnesses in their early years quite often, this fact indeed seems quite unbelievable. Shannon believes that Grace’s strong immune system is all thanks to the Paleo diet.

13. Happy and Healthy Kid

Shannon thinks she has found a great way to educate Grace about food and nutrition, and also raise her as a happy and healthy kid. However, she said that she will let Grace choose for herself when she grows up.

She also says that Grace will probably choose some of the “bad” foods while on a friend’s party, but that she is expecting it to happen. Grace will probably not feel very well after eating too many of the sugary or processed food, but she could learn from that experience and choose by her own not to eat bad foods anymore.

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