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Jimmy Fallon Performs “I Want It That Way” With Backstreet Boys

During the 90s, pop bands became extremely popular and went ‘viral’ before it was even a thing. A variety of boy and girl bands were pieced together by over-eager record producers, causing some to fizzle out before they ever really made it. But no boy or girl band has stood the test of time like the Backstreet Boys.

Anyone who was either a pre-teen or in high when BSB were big knows the lyrics to some of their songs, even if the title escapes them. These days, the people who used to be kids and teenagers are far from ashamed to admit they loved the music.

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One of the group biggest fans is none other than talk-show host Jimmy Fallon himself. Fallon is the host of the ever-popular The Tonight Show, previously the host of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Despite being known for his sense of humor, it is obvious that his true passion lies in singing. On many episodes of his shows, the television host has sung with many original songs, often with a comedic spin.

In true Backstreet Boys fan fashion, Jimmy Fallon never really lost his love for the group. And with the resources he has at his disposal now, why not invite one of the world’s most popular boy bands to perform on his show?

In a video posted to Facebook, Jimmy Fallon and his show’s band join with the Backstreet Boys. They perform the boy band’s biggest hit “I Want It That Way” using nothing but percussion instruments designed for children.

The group truly does the song and music itself justice with their amazing performance. It also proves that in the hands of the right person, any instrument can be amazing.

What was your favorite Backstreet Boys song as a kid? Do you still listen to them today?

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