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According To Science Bald Men Are Sexier

Whatever corner of the Earth you are from, there are people there who have unique traits to their hair. Short or long, the styles people choose for their hair are as varied as the cultures they come from. For men, hair seems to be just as big as an issue as it is for women.

Some men have the unfortunate luck of going grey early on in life. Sure, going grey earlier than expected isn’t all that fun, but people who go bald early seem to feel their predicament is far worse.

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How Some Men Feel

Not all men are afraid of going bald, though. Some men own it and embrace the fact that it’s a part of them.

“I started balding at the end of college and was, initially pretty bummed… In reality, I think it helps professionally because I look a bit older.” Says 28-year-old Evan.

27-year-old Jack says, “I keep my hair shaved. My dad is bald – that might be why. I keep it shorts because I’ve had enough of putting products into it. I’ve got thin hair… I have also found that having short hair means no maintenance, and it’s more hygienic in a dirty job (I’m a builder).”

“I think the reason going bald bothers men so much is simply because they know they would be more attractive if they had hair,” says Nathaniel, aged 26. “That’s what I think now, and it’s just annoying more than anything.”

What Do Women Think?

One female user on Quora stated, “No, I don’t really think that many women find baldness to be less appealing – I think men tend to be far more concerned about it than women… bald all over can be really hot.”

“Losing hair can actually be gaining something else – like the confidence that you don’t need to hide behind your hair,” says Shari.

While some men may embrace their baldness, others may find it to be a daunting prospect to warm up to. How can you live without hair when you’ve had such a full head for so long? There is no need to worry about going bald. In fact, some studies have shown that going bald may actually be a good thing.

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When I asked my wife what she thought about men who were bald, she said her thoughts on it were neither negative nor positive.

The general consensus among women seems to be that coming to terms with it and accepting is the ‘sexy’ part about being bald.

According to Science

The majority of the time balding is caused by genetics. Other times, severe illness may be the cause. That being said, university studies have been conducted to see if baldness was a quality men and women may or may not find attractive.

59 male and female students participated in the first study, conducted by the University of Pennsylvania, which they attended. They asked the students to rate a set of photos featuring men both bald and with full heads of hair – they were to rate each person’s level of confidence, attractiveness, and dominance.

A second study used photos where men’s hair was digitally removed, and asked a group of 367 male and female adult participants to rate each of the pictures.

There also happened to be a third study in which no visuals, aside from descriptions were given to a group of 552 male and female adult participants. The details for each subject were career, age, weight, height, and whether or not they were bald.

In both the first and second study, men with shaved heads were recognized as being more assertive than their counterparts who were gifted with hair. The second study also saw these men were seen as stronger and of higher stature. If you’re already going bald early, why not speed up the process and see how it feels?

“Instead of spending billions each year trying to reverse or cure their hair loss, the counterintuitive prescription of this research to men experiencing male pattern baldness is to shave their heads.” say the authors of the study.

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Forget that hair transplant you took out a loan for. And screw the wigs. Even science has made it known, being bald is attractive to more than a few people. Give that money back and embrace the fact that you no longer have anything to comb.

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