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This Hot Air Balloon Jump Without A Parachute Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

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There are number of things that can get a person’s adrenaline going. Different people sometimes get the same rush from drastically different activities. Some people like to race cars, shoot firearms, or swim with sharks. Others may simply get excited at an approaching deadline or the sight of a wild animal.

One of the most exciting and dangerous sports to participate in is skydiving. It usually involves jumping out of a plane or helicopter with a parachute attached to your body that is used to land back on Earth safely.

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Safety check after safety check must be conducted to ensure that a skydiver’s parachute will deploy properly. Even with the most comprehensive checks, though, complications may arise and cause the death of one or more people.

There’s only one thing crazier than skydiving itself and that is doing it without a parachute. And a guy named Andi Pendikainen was insane enough to do it.

Pendikainen, a stuntman from the country of Finland, made a 13,000ft (4,000metres) jump from a hot air balloon.

In a video posted to his Facebook page, the Finnish stuntman can be seen talking to his buddies before descending. “When I woke up this morning,” he says in the clip, “I felt like I wasn’t going to need my parachute.”

After tossing his chute into the clouds, another person on the balloon can be heard saying “What the fuck?!” in reaction to Andi’s crazy decision.

Just watching the video is enough to get your adrenaline going. As you see Andi Pendikainen descend through the sky, he can be seen shivering and becoming stiff from the cold he is experiencing.

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To the relief of likely everyone who has seen the video so far, the daredevil is attached mid-air to a fellow jumper minutes before their feet touch terra firma.

Check out Andi Pendikainen’s Facebook page for yourself to see his crazy jump.

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