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Timeless Facts On Beatles You May Not Know About

The Beatles are the most influential and the most successful band in the history of music. Their influence is so big that their music influenced rock and roll, pop, hard rock, and even Indian music. Their impact was that big.

The Beatles are originally from Liverpool. They started their career in 1960 and from day one it was clear, to everyone around them, that these young boys are about to change the music scene. The band members were Ringo Starr, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison.

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This band was so popular that even Queen Elizabeth wanted to meet them. There was something unusual and also magical about this group that made people so drawn to them.

People were crazy about them. Everyone wanted to be near them, listen to them, or just touch them. Actually, people were so happy just because they could share the same air with them. So, here are some interesting facts about the famous The Beatles…

Ringo Learned To Play Drums In Hospital

Richard Starkey, or as he better has known – Ringo Starr was responsible for amazing drums in the band. People believed that he learned everything about the music and the drums in schools, but the truth is that he learned to play drums while he was in the hospital recovering from childhood tuberculosis.

When he got sick, he was only 13-years-old. So, he was sent to a sanitarium to recover. In order to keep kids entertained, a teacher did music education with them. This is how he falls in love with drums.

John Lennon Had A Difficult Childhood

John Lennon always talked about the importance of family and a happy childhood. However, his childhood was the opposite of that. His father was almost always away from the home, while his mother had three more children with two different partners.

So, Lenon was raised by his aunt Mimi. When he was a teenager, he lost his mom. His song ‘Julia’ is dedicated to his mother.

Paul McCartney Hated Frogs

Paul has always seemed like a polite and nice man. But, would you have the same opinion if you knew that he loved to kill frogs? It’s hard to connect this info with Paul – animal right activist – vegan – that we all know, but it’s the truth. During an interview, he said that he had to kill frogs to see if he can kill anyone.

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That was because he was called up for National Service. He said that he stuck them up on a barbed-wire fence. Luckily, he hated it.

You Can Thank A Girl For Their Famous Haircuts

Mop-top haircuts are something that is and forever will be linked with this famous group. Although there is some controversy about who is really responsible for their hairstyle, many believe that a girl from Germany is responsible for their famous trims.

When they started their career, Stuart Sutcliffe’s (Stuart was the band’s first bassist) German girlfriend, cut Sutcliffe’s hair in a style that was popular with men in Germany and it just took off from there.

They Broke Up In the 1970s

The Beatles reached that point of fame when they had to stop performing live. The reason for this was that the fans were so loud, that their music could not be heard. They also couldn’t leave their hotel rooms, while on the tour, because hundreds of people would just stay and wait for them in front of the hotels.

So, the pressure reached its peak at one moment and they decided to split. That happened in 1970, so they went separate ways to pursue independent careers. Each member becomes more independent musically and in their personal lives.

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