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Reykjavik Runs Out Of Beer After 7000 Soldiers Show Up

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Relaxing at a bar is popular for many people working in stressful jobs. They go to wind down and possibly share their trouble with the bartender, talking about why they hate their job or neighbor. All the while that someone is talking, they never consider that the ‘well’ might run dry.

The United States is already known as one of the highest consumers of beer, with the average person drinking about 44.7 gallons per year. The thirst for alcoholic beverages does not seem to stop, especially for American soldiers it seems.

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Iceland has had a shaky relationship with alcohol, but now has its share of bars frequented by all kinds of people. Unfortunately, the bars of the small island country were no match for the ravenous cravings of a battalion of 7,000 United States Marines.

Taking part in NATO’s Trident Juncture 18 exercise, the soldiers were quick to take to the drinking as soon as they were off on leave from practicing. It wasn’t long before there was a severe shortage of beer around Reykjavik, Iceland.

For four days straight military men filed into local bars, enjoying the local flavors that Iceland had to offer, and draining every last drop from the bars they were occupying. One restaurant became so desperate, they reached out to other business for help with supplies, but the numbers were too much for everyone.

Olgero Egils Skallagrimssonar, a brewery in Iceland, worked as fast as possible to deliver emergency shipments of beer to sate the thirst of the American soldiers.

The amount of alcohol that the United States consumes is already at a baffling number. Knowing that it is really a surprise that so many soldiers can nearly drain a city of its entire stock of alcoholic beverages?

Alcohol may be fun on occasion, but it is the best one drinks very responsibly. And remember: Don’t drink and drive!

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