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Can Being Single Make You Feel More Confident, Mentally Stable, And Happy? Some Psychologists Say Yes

The goal for many people in life is to find that special someone and start a family. It is natural to seek out a mate and raise children together, but is that really for everyone? Others might be more comfortable in the single life, and one social scientist found that wasn’t such a bad thing.

For two decades, Bella DePaulo, a Professor of Psychology at the University of California, had studied in what ways a person life could be improved by leading a single one. She firmly believes single life can benefit a person more than that of a couple’s life.

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Single people are far more likely to engage in a variety of social activities. They are more inclined to converse with their neighbors and volunteer for social service organizations like hospitals and art facilities.

Not everyone is built for single life, but it is the same for the married life. Single people have been found to lead just as healthy as those who are married.

When a person is single, they are able to be far more adventurous. They tend to include others outside of their own bubble far more. One person is not center-focus, so they are able to better dedicate their time to friends and family.

I’m not saying that people shouldn’t get married. If a person feels like marriage is for them, they should go for it. Single people should not feel the need to go out and get together with someone if they are truly happy where they are.

Even if a person is single, they are more likely to move to an area where the family would be close by, allowing them to go and visit whenever the feeling comes to them.

Feel free to go out and explore the social scene if you are not yet ready to settle down. It’ll be worth the time.

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