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Incredible Benefits Of Meditation For The Elderly

Getting older can be tough at times. But there are many ways to maintain your health as the golden years approach. Whether you’re in the medical field working with older patients or you’re an older person yourself, it is important to be reminded of taking prescriptions on a specific schedule.

What if there was something seniors could do to avoid taking some of the pills? Here is a list of the benefits of senior meditation:

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1. Meditation Helps Memory

It is a great way to spark the Hippocampus and frontal lobe, where the human brain stores our dominant long term memory and short term memory. Repeated meditation sessions will greatly improve long and short term memory recall. In some cases, people have even recovered lost memories.

Meditation will also help keep the brain healthy enough to store new memories.

2. Meditation Makes The Digestive System Work Better

Deep breathing exercises are a central part of meditation. They can boost blood flow and greatly oxygenate the blood, making all the organs work in overdrive. Although they are not the direct focus, senior citizens with digestive problems regarding their stomach or intestines saw immediate relief.

You might even improve your lung health in the process. The strength and oxygen saturation is important to keep track of as you get older.

3. Meditation Activates The Happy Part Of The Brain

Meditation has been known to tickle prefrontal cortex of our brain, the sections responsible for our positive emotions. More positive emotions will give senior citizens a new perspective, encouraging seniors to take a much need vacation or do something really fun.

4. Meditation Sharpens And Focuses The Mind

There’s nothing wrong with getting older, it is a natural occurrence. Not only does meditation help promote healthy blood flow, but it also helps to keep one focused and ensured their mind is sharp as the edge of a sword.

Leave that difficult crossword puzzle as something to do after your meditation session. Combining the two can help sharpen your mind even further.

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5. Meditation Melts Away Stress, Yielding Many Great Benefits

Aside from everyday life, senior citizens must also worry about the stress brought on by chronic illness, disability, or the loss of a partner. You can reduce stress through meditation and loosen the hold that end-of-life anxiety has.

The variety of benefits gained through meditations have led experts to believe that it can very well be the fabled “fountain of youth.”

6. Managing Chronic Pain

Through a process called mindfulness meditation, seniors can help reduce the chronic throbs and aches caused by their ailments. Keeping up a positive attitude through mindfulness meditation may even reduce chronic pain levels by 57%, according to an article published Psychology Today.

The more experienced seniors who practice mindful meditation were able to achieve an overall pain reduction of more than 90%.

7. Reducing Inflammation

Seniors have to deal with a variety of health issues, such as rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), psoriasis, and asthma. These are all different elements with one common trait: inflammation.

Through mindfulness meditation, the inflammation of all the above ailments can be reduced a very large margin.

8. Insomnia

It doesn’t affect as many people as you would think, but this ailment affects people in a way that puts them at risk for depression, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MSBR), according to the National Institute of Health, “offered significant improvements in total sleep time and in reduced sleep onset.”

9. Slows Down The Progression Of Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is a general term for certain cases of dementia, a disease in which long and/or short term memory are effective. The sad fact is that at least half of people 85 or older show signs of dementia.

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But, according to the National Institute on aging, “it is not a normal part of aging. Many people live into their 90s and beyond without any signs of dementia.”

Studies have shown that mindfulness meditation can slow the progression of the dementia-related disease. The unpredictable emotion that arises as a byproduct of memory loss can also be managed through meditation.

10. Promoting Relaxation And Calmness

This is a list for seniors, meditation can be used for this regardless of their age. The calming effect that meditation has on seniors is something that cannot be replicated by synthesized drugs.

Meditation helps keeps seniors’ thoughts in order and keep a sharp perspective.

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