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Don’t Frown, Being Single Can Bring You These Benefits

We are always being told or shown how important it is to find a partner to stay with us for life. There is a constant pressure to marry the first ‘good’ person we come across, friends and family sometimes assuming the worst of your love life.

What if you don’t need another person to make you happy? Here are some benefits to being single you might not have known:

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1. Fearless Flirt

Some of us like to flirt and we may flirt often. If you are the type of person who can’t help yourself when you are out drinking with friends, the single life might be best for you. You will not have to worry about your partner being angry over how much you flirted with people on guys’ or girls night.

Aside from not being stressed by a partner, it gives you a chance to refine your abilities to flirt. Take the time to study people and learn what works best in a subtle approach to someone you might be interested in. Before long, you’ll have absolutely no problem attracting that person you’ve been watching.

2. It’s Your Money

You work hard for your cash and you want to spend it on something nice you’ve been looking at. But your partner makes you pay a bill that can wait another month. Don’t want that to happen? Embrace the single life.

When you are single, you can spend your hard-earned cash as you see fit. There’s no need to worry about what you are going to buy for dinner for two. Swing by three different fast food joint after work if you feel like it.

Single for the holidays? Treat yourself to a restaurant dinner once a week during the holiday season.

3. Time is Yours

As a single person you do not have to abide by the schedule a high-strung partner decided to write up. Who wants to wake up at 6am to do yard work you hadn’t planned on doing? When you are single, you can do whatever you feel like doing whenever you feel like doing it.

Having a partner restricts your leisure time and half the time you do anything, you need to do it with them. Do you want to go out to a club with the guys? Are you dying to go see your favorite male singer with the girls? Single people can do these things on their time without restriction from another.

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4. Sleep

Sleep is an important part of our lives that helps us recharge and feel revitalized. Our muscles are given a break from carrying our weight and the brain can finally shut off as we close our eyes and fall asleep.

With a partner, you are never awarded the opportunity to sleep in. You are poked awake and told to get to doing something productive.

Sleep for as long as you like when you are single. Who cares if it’s already 2 in the afternoon, you don’t have to wake up for anybody.

5. Travel

Finding a place to vacation is very hard. It’s even harder when you have to deal with a partner who doesn’t like any of the places you’ve chosen. And when you’ve finally compromised and chosen a place together, you end up arguing.

Are there places you’ve always dreamed of going? Round up a couple of friends and go on the trip of a lifetime. Forge great memories with your friends and enjoy the thrill of travel that comes with being single. You may have more fun that you expect.

6. Read

There is wealth of knowledge in libraries and bookstores across the world. So many stories and educational books are waiting to be read. Not having enough time to read is an excuse that many of us have used to avoid books altogether.

Reading can be both an enjoyable and educational experience and who knows what bonds you will form with the characters that leap from the pages.

7. Pick Up a Hobby

We use the same excuse to avoid reading: we don’t have the time. Maybe you’ve always wanted to create an app for your phone, you wanted to write a story, or you wanted to pick up wood carving.
If you are single, picking up a new hobby is easy. You have more free time to pick up those instructional manuals or learn a new language so you can watch movies without subtitles.

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