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7 Benefits Of Having A Cat As A Pet

There are many animals to select from when it comes to adopting a pet. A good starter animal for many people is something as simple as a fish. But if you want to get a fuzzy animal you can cuddle, the choices are most between cats and dogs.

Here are a few reasons a cat might be a great addition to the family:

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1. Heart Health

You might have heard that owning a cat is great for your heart health. No, it’s not by some sort of magic spell they do this. It was found that cats can help lower stress levels, the reason likely being how little attention they need compared to dogs.

There was even a 10-year study that found cat owners were 30% less likely to die of heart-related issued compared to non-cat owners.
Petting a cat, according to most owners and cat lovers has an almost euphoric calming effect.

2. Companionship

When it comes to selecting an animal for companionship, the direction most people go is with dogs who are nicknamed “man’s best friend.”

But that’s just what it is, a nickname. Cats can be just as affectionate as any canine can and women get to see this the most.

There was a study conducted by Austrian researchers in 2003 that found living with a cat was emotionally equivalent to living with a life partner.

Felines don’t just show affection to their human companions but initiate contact the majority of the time.

Thanks to human domestication, cats have developed the ability to make noises that mimic the cries of a human baby. And because of the natural human response to said noises, it’s hard to ignore any cat crying for you to feed or play with them.

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3. Life-Savers

For most people, the common belief is that cats don’t really care who feeds them or who plays with them. Unfortunately, people who believe this probably never get to hear stories of when felines save lives in amazing ways.

In the UK, there is a cat prone to seizures that will inform their human when it’s about to have one. Another in the state of Montana smelled a gas leak and warned the couple in time to get them and the cat out in time; firefighters said a violent explosion might have happened if not for the heroic cat.

In California, a cat even chased away a Chow/Labrador that was attacking a boy who lived with her. After video of the rescue went viral, she was dubbed “The Hero Cat.”

4. Fewer Allergies

Allergies affect millions of people everywhere in the world. It is actually very common for people to develop cat allergies as they age, making it impossible for them to adopt a feline friend.

The National Institute of Health released study findings in 2002 that showed children exposed to cats in infancy were less likely to develop pet allergies and allergies in general. Marshall Plaut, M.D., said this about cats and children, “High exposure early in life appears to protect against not only pet allergy but also other types of common allergies, such as allergy to dust mites, ragweed, and grass.”

5. Better for the Environment

Many people are consciously aware of their environmental impact known as a “carbon footprint.” If you are worried about how your actions affect the environment, then you should consider getting a cat before you get a dog.

In 2009, a study found that the time and resources it takes to care for a dog had the same polluting power as a Toyota Land Cruiser. But thanks to the diet of cats and their likelihood to eat fish over corn, their carbon footprint is equivalent to a 2-door Toyota Corolla.

6. Score More Dates (for men)

Men seem to naturally have more trouble getting dates with women. A poll taken in the UK asked how they perceive a single man with animals. 82% of the group surveyed said they found men with animals more attractive.

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As many as 90% of the women said they found men with cats to be “nicer” than men who owned dogs.

Just remember, don’t own a cat just to get a date. They are a lifetime commitment.

7. Purrs That Heal

Purring is a noise associated with a cat displaying positive vibes. If your cat is making this noise, it usually means they are pretty content. What’s amazing is that their purrs are said to have healing properties.

According to scientific research, purrs vibrate at frequencies between 20-140 HZ. Vibrations in the range of 18-35 HZ have been found to have healing properties.

If you aren’t feeling well, your feline friend likely to come to you and purr all over you.

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