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5 Amazing Benefits Matcha Tea Can Provide You With

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There are many products out now that claim to have tons of ‘benefits’, though they are never outright stated. Matcha tea is actually the “finely ground leaves of specially grown and processed tea leaves.”

Because whole leaves are processed to make the tea, those extra nutrients aid consumers of the tea in a variety of ways.

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1. Antioxidants

These naturally occurring chemical compounds can be seen as the human body’s ‘defense operatives.’ They help prevent aging and chronic disease. Matcha also possesses twenty times the antioxidants that pomegranates or blueberries have.

2. Energy Boost with No Crash

There are a lot of products marketed as ‘energy boosters,’ but these either come with a crash or severe jitters like you’ve drank too much coffee.

It provides the consumer with a sustained energy that doesn’t end up with a sluggish crash. A cup of matcha has been found to have a longer-lasting boost than a cup of coffee.

3. Weight Loss

As stated above, there are a variety of antioxidants in matcha. But one of the most important is called EGCG.

It has been associated with weight-loss benefits, and according to a small study, can boost your metabolism during moderate exercise.

4. Brain Booster

Looking for something to boost the function of your grey matter? Then look no further than matcha tea. One study found that consuming 4 grams of the green tea helped in areas such as attention reaction time, and memory.

When consumed at 2 grams daily for two months, it improved brain function in the elderly.

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5. Slow or Prevent Cancer

EGCG is not just great for weight loss but can aid in treating cancer with natural remedies.

One study recorded a decrease of tumor size in rats with breast cancer cells. A test tube study recorded matcha the antioxidant ECGC helped in completely eliminating prostate cancer cells.

What do you think of matcha’s health benefits? Are they enough to get you to try some tea or even matcha ice cream?

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