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9 Incredible Benefits Of Reading To Children

As a parent, many people know that reading is part of raising your child. Some parents might find it a chore to do, but there are plenty of benefits to sitting down and reading with your child. Here are a number of ways that just a few minutes of reading per day can help your child.

1. Reading During Pregnancy

Reading or singing has been largely thought to be an activity for the parent to feel close to their child. But scientific evidence suggests that during the last 10 weeks of pregnancy, unborn children are forming the building blocks for language. Babies whose parents do this can actually differentiate between a foreign language and their mother’s voice.

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2. An Increased Vocabulary

Having a rich vocabulary is important for everyone. Helping your child increase their vocabulary will allow them to articulate better and communicate their thoughts and feelings to you in a clear fashion. This will also aid a child in learning new skills as they grow older.

3. Empathy

Reading to your child in different tones as different characters can help children develop their empathy. Hearing stories read to them allows them to “use their imagination to explore people, places, times, and events beyond their own experiences,” according to rif.org.

4. Pictures are Important Too

When most children look at a picture, there will be something that stands out to them. Many children will be excited when they see something familiar, like a color, shape, or animal they always see.
Image/word flashcards are a great investment if you want to seriously improve your child’s ability to retain new information they are learning through reading.

5. Understanding Literature

Reading to your children is more than simply telling them a story from the pages your eyes are scanning. It encourages them to explore new interests they might not have had before. They may take a liking to subjects such as poetry, biography or short story collections.
Book language is also more descriptive and uses more formal grammar than what is usually heard in daily conversation.

6. Quality Time

Not only are you encouraging learning when you read to your child, but you are also spending quality time with them. You get to experience the wonder and joy that a story brings to your child as your voice carries the words to their ears. It is important to have one-on-one time with your kids, and reading to them is an activity that your child greatly appreciate you being a part of.

7. Thirst for Knowledge

Remember that children pay attention when you speak to them. They might ask questions about the characters, or the events happening in the story. It might even get them interested in learning a new language or exploring other cultures through reading.

8. Imagination

Reading is a great way to see a child’s imagination blossom. We usually place ourselves the shoes of the characters we are reading about, thinking about if the world in the pages were as tangible as our own.

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With your child’s imagination running wild, they will be genuinely excited to hear what will happen on the next page.
Later on in life, they may also become interested in writing their own stories and sharing them with friends and family.

9. Entertainment

Much of today’s entertainment involved being plugged into something or staring at a screen that’s way too small for human eyes. A good way to keep your child from being stuck to the television or their video game is to read a book to them. Reading to your kids during the early stages of life will help to ensure they choose a book over a video game as a form of entertainment.

As a child, a few of us may have thought reading was a lame activity that had no value. But as adults, we understand the importance of the skill and how it has aided us in life.

Read to your children. They will thank you later.

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