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9 Spectacular Benefits Of Going To A Sauna

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Many gyms these days are outfitted with saunas. The few times I went to a gym open to the general public, it was only my brother and me who used it in the three hours we were at the gym. It is typically common knowledge that sweating is known to help detoxify the body, but why make it happen with a sauna?

Here are a couple of ways that regular sauna sessions can benefit you:

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1. Enhance Your Calm

Life as an adult can be very stressful and there are few ways we can relieve this. A great way to reduce stress is by hitting up your gym’s sauna on a regular schedule. Whether you’re struggling to get a full 8 hours of sleep, drinking too much coffee, or in permanent “fight or flight” or “sympathetic state.”

Saunas help change’s our body’s mode to “para-sympathetic” so that we can properly digest the food we ingest and heal as we rest.

2. Balanced Out

When the human body’s hormones are not in balance, it can cause a number of health problems. Many highly stressed individuals produce more cortisol (stress hormone) than normal.

Too much cortisol can throw off your thyroid and insulin levels. It can also affect the testosterone and estrogen levels in men and women respectively. You’ll also be keeping your electrolytes in balance by sweating out aldosterone.

3. Super Powers?

Before heading into a sauna, it can feel like there is simply too much on your mind and your shoulders. Many who’ve gone through the sauna describe it as a spiritual experience. It not only helps to heal their body but their mind as well.

Saunas that use infrared lights have been scientifically proven in lab testing to greatly assist in the healing of wounded tissue and even retina damage.

In laboratory testing, mice whose blindness was the result of exposure to caustic chemicals, had their blindness completely reversed using NIR or ‘Near-infrared’ therapy. The increase in healing factor can sometimes border on super human.

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4. A ‘Sense’ of Youthfulness

Tired of seeing those lines when you look in the mirror? Do you want to look youthful without getting botox? NIR saunas can help return your skin to a more youthful look by stimulating the collagen your body naturally produces.

The special light can also remove harmful bacteria from the surface of the skin, thus improving the overall health of your dermis. For anyone with a condition like psoriasis and eczema, you should also look into Near-Infrared sauna therapy.

5. Shed Those Pounds

On a weight-loss kick and wondering what else you can add to your arsenal to help out? A sauna will simultaneously increase your heart rate while lowering blood pressure. This means your blood will oxygenate faster and kick-start your metabolism. It’s like cardio without all the movement!

Using “far infrared light” heat can help burn nearly 1000 calories during a single 30 minute stationary bike session.

6. Aid in Circulation and Oxygenation

As I stated earlier, going to a sauna can help re-invigorate the body so that the bloodstream receives more oxygen. The high temperature dilates your blood vessels, allowing for more blood to flow through. Increased blood flow of oxygenated blood will increase your body’s ability to heal most tissue. Infrared therapy charges up the mitochondria, the ‘power center’ of blood cells. Pretty crazy what a different wavelength of light can do, right?

7. Fight That Heart Disease

Earlier I stated that blood pressure is reduced while occupying a sauna. The best part about using the sauna method? It’s far easier on the heart than strenuous exercise. A simple sauna session can increase your heart rate as if you were exercising.

Look into regular sauna sessions if you are at risk due to any heart-related condition.

8. Improve Other Health Conditions

Whether you are depressed, have a compromised immune system or suffer from chronic arthritis pain, a few symptoms of each can be curbed through regular sauna visits. If you suffer from what is known as “chronic tension headaches,” take a look at sweating things out.

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Combined with other treatments, far infrared therapy can greatly slow the growth of cancer cells.

9. Removing Heavy Metals and Chemicals

The human body sweats out substances like cadmium, lead, and arsenic. Although they are also excreted through urine, excreting through the skin is more efficient. A Canadian study found that sweat contains twice the amount of those metals and chemicals than when excreted otherwise.

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