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6 Best Christmas Movies To Watch This Weekend

The time of the year everyone in the world has been waiting for. Everyone from all walks of life is happy just because it only happens once every year.

Snow starts falling from the skies, snowmen are made and for a funny looking one, stick-on googly eyes and have a laugh of your life.

Families stay together indoors on a cold night, cuddle up on the sofa, cover themselves with throw-blankets to keep warm, light up the fireplace and have some hot chocolate to watch a movie.

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Many people would relate to classic movies that they would binge-watch each and every year and make it their tradition. Here are some of the best Christmas movies of all time.

Home Alone

Home Alone is one of the most iconic Christmas themed movies of all time. The film is about Kevin McCallister who lives in a very big family but feels like they do not take him seriously.

Prior to a family trip to France, his mother makes him sleep in the artic. Kevin makes a wish that he could be alone. In the morning, everyone is in a hurry to rush to the airport but onboarding the plane they realize they left Kevin in the house.

Waking up the following morning, he finds out that he was left alone in the house and assumes his wish came true. Two burglars come to rob his house so it is up to him to protect himself and all that is in the house.

A Very Harold And Kumar Christmas

Harold and Kumar have been very good long term friends and now they move on with their lives apart. Kumar receives a package but it was meant for Harold on the eve of Christmas. He then decides to take the package to his friend but it all ended up in “smokes”. Harold set on fire his in-law’s Christmas tree and decided to cover it up by getting another one. Kumar’s bad choices send them round New York partying as they search for the perfect Christmas tree.

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Where there is Will Ferrell, always get ready for a good laugh. Having been raised by Santa Clause as an elf, the normal-sized human plays the role quite well.

Later on, he gets the news that he is not a real elf. He embarks on a journey filled with comedy and with the undying Christmas Spirit to look for his biological parents.

Die Hard

John McClane saves Christmas. That should be the headline of newspapers in Los Angles on Christmas. A group of terrorists invade The Nakatomi Corporation building and hold people who were at a party hostage.

Their motive was to steal $600 million from the group company volt. John McClane is in the city to visit his wife and spend Christmas together but it takes a turn when he finds out that his wife is one of the hostages in the building.

It is up to John (Bruce Willis) to save his wife and the hostages whom the terrorist had no intention for them leaving alive.

Remember The Night

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A comedy centered Christmas full of romance and denial. A girl is caught shoplifting jewelry in a fancy jewel store. She is later arraigned in court but since it is in the Christmas season, the judge postpones her case to the next year.

The prosecutor learns that she is from his home town and decides to take her to her home but her mother rejects her. He later shows an act of kindness and takes her to his place where she is welcomed and taken care of which she is not accustomed to.

She later falls in love with the DA but does not show it. She is torn between staying and fleeing.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas

The Grinch who lives at the top of the mountain with his dog Max has a growing hatred year in year out as he watches the Whos of Whoville prepare for Christmas by decorating their homes and town.

They always sing Christmas carols and are in good moods and are kind towards each other.

He, later on, he formulates a plan to steal Christmas.

The Grinch dresses up as Santa Clause and goes to each household and steals all their decorations and presents not leaving out the town decorations.

The following morning he is woken up by the singing of the Whos who come together to still celebrate Christmas. It baffles him why they are not sad.

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