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Best Countries To Launch A Startup Business

Running and owning a business can be a grueling endeavor but one that can lead to a very rewarding payoff. Other times, it’s a person lifelong dream to own and run a business. The problem with starting from scratch is finding the best place to do it.

Many people who dream of owning a business contemplate whether or not they should move from the current country of residence. Here’s a list of countries that are the best places to get started with owning and running a business:

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1. Chile

It is always a struggle getting your business off the ground, but if you’re looking to do it in less than two weeks, look no further than the country of Chile. It likely also helps they are the only South American country in the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development).

It takes no more than six or seven procedures and at most a week to begin a business if you have the finances to back it up. 73% of citizens from the ages of 18 to 64 are avid believers that entrepreneurship is a worthy career path.

Foreign entrepreneurs are also looking to the ‘Republic of Chile’ to begin growing their own businesses.

As a Latin American country, it leads economic freedom, globalization, income per capita, competitiveness, human development, and low corruption.

2. Portugal

If you are not willing to wait a full 7 days to start your business in a different country, then Portugal might be the right choice for you. As a whole, most citizens between the ages of 18 to 64 don’t really see being an entrepreneur a viable career path where they live.

It only takes about 5 days to begin your business here, and has two fewer procedures than Chile does to start.

3. France

In addition to the aesthetically pleasing cities, it takes only a week to start your dream business in the home to the ‘language of love.’ Currently, France’s annual GDP sits at a steady $2.6 trillion.

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To help promote the entrepreneurial spirit, France’s government started something called auto-entrepreneurship. It helped those looking to start a business by cutting the costs of associated things like taxes, paperwork, and social charges.

Thanks to the government’s decision, the second quarter of 2009 saw a 55% increase in businesses started. France’s model shows that with a little help from the government, their citizens achieve their business dreams.

39 of the world’s 50 biggest companies call France home to their headquarters. Factored by nominal GDP, France possesses the world’s 5th largest economy and Europe’s second largest.

4. South Korea

If you’ve got a mind for business, South Korea is one of the best places for your startup business. All fees are fixed and getting yourself a company seal and paying the corporate registration tax will cost you $36, about the price of a tank of gas.

Just because starting a company is affordable does not mean South Koreans see entrepreneurship as something worth their time. Only 11% of Koreans in 2011 saw starting a company as a favorable career, and only 27% believe they had the skills required to run a company.

South Korea is considered the most industrialized member of the OECD. From the 1960s to the 1990s, the country’s economy was one of the fastest-growing. To this day, along with Singapore and Taiwan, the country’s economy remains one of the fastest-growing in the world.

5. United Kingdom

Some countries might be a tad more welcoming to entrepreneurs and the United Kingdom is one of those places. 2011 saw the creation of a new visa meant specifically for entrepreneurs from other countries.

If you’re looking to start up a company, the UK will make it easy to get settled in one or two years. Of course, that depends on how much money you’ll be feeding into the economy. Other visas take as much as five years.

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Market exchange rates put the UK in the spot for the six-largest economy in the world.

If your dream really is to start a business, it looks like moving to one of the places on the list might be the best decision. Besides, once your company is established you can return to your country and build more branches to help bring more jobs home.

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