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7 Best Fitness Apps To Boost Your Workout

For workouts to be effective, they must be well-planned, properly targeted, and efficiently executed. Unless you are a professional personal trainer, making routines and keeping track of your progress is not easy.

Nevertheless, with little help from the current technology, anyone can train like a professional without incurring extra costs.

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The following are seven of the best fitness apps for planning and keeping track of your progress.

7. Blogilates

You will fall in love with the Blogilates app on the first experience.

It takes your expectation to the next level as it gives you access to all the monthly workout and fitness calendar as well as videos and online forums to guide you through.

It is free and comes with optional in-app purchases for both iOS and Android operating systems.

6. Sworkit

Easy and simple. Tell Sworkit your type of workout, whether it is the strength, yoga, cardio, or stretching, and the amount of time from five minutes to an hour, then it will deliver the moves for you to follow throughout your session.

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For premium, you pay $4.99/month, and the app gets you even more advanced and personalized moves setting up the number of reps as well as areas of the body you need to focus on.

This app comes free with optional in-app purchases for Android and iOS.

5. Strava Running And Cycling

When a severe cyclist or runner needs one app that keeps track of their recent runs and rides, the Strava Running and Cycling app comes handy.

The app tracks speed, distance, calories burned, elevation, power, heart rate, and cadence. It then synthesizes all the data into graphics that are easy-to-understand.

This app is free and comes with optional in-app purchases for both iOS and Android platforms.

4. Endomondo

Cardio exercise is not only tiring and repetitive but quickly gets boring too. Endomondo is designed to make cardio exercises easy and exciting.

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Set a goal for your walk, bike ride or run, and leave the rest of the job to the app’s virtual trainer that lets you know whether you’re on track to meeting your goal or need to speed up.

This app is the best for helping you to compete against yourself and your own set goals. It’s even better because the Endomondo app can be used to challenge friends.

It’s free and comes with optional in-app purchases for both iOS and Android platforms.

3. Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club app has all the features you would expect in a great fitness app with workouts designed by not only professional trainers, but also athletes.

It features customizable fitness programs, has sharing capabilities to help compare progress with friends, and best of all a sleek interface.

The Nike Training Club is Free on both iOS and Android platforms.

2. Sweat

All the most exceptional features you would expect in a great fitness app can be found in Sweat. It comes with follow-along workouts and exercises designed by pros, meal plan templates, in-app challenges with friends, and above all, a super user-friendly interface.

The OG brand face, Kayla Itsines alongside four other powerhouse trainers brings to you various program offerings that supplement or completely replace your gym membership.

It also comes free with additional optional in-app purchases for both iOS and Android operating systems.

1. Pear

When strength training becomes monotonous (squats again?), the Pear app comes in. It enables the user to pick from a list of personal trainers who then run your routine and walk you throughout your training session.

For the introvert geeks, worry not! The Pear app allows you to tackle each of your workouts on your own.

Plus, it works with a wearable tracker through which the app gives you feedback on projected heart rate as well as VO2max.

It is a free app with optional in-app purchases for both Android and iOS platforms.

Best Fitness Apps: Conclusion

If browsing through the news feeds and opening apps were an Olympic sport, then we’d undoubtedly be medalists. However, though we might only be working out the thumbs, the smartphones we own can help us live a healthier, happier life.

Although these fitness apps cannot solve all your workout problems, they are convenient for getting you more out of the daily sessions.

These are apps designed to help you get started. All we need is to know the right apps to download.

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