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10 Best Hallmark Christmas Movies To Watch This Weekend

When it comes to Christmas themed movies with icing of a love story and a happy ending, Hallmark Movies have got you covered.

They have maintained their prowess in delivering the best and the greatest Christmas movies of all time.

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There are many good movies with no doubt, but none of them come close to be compared with Hallmark Christmas movies.

Looking for the best time to cuddle up, sip some hot cocoa accompanied by ginger cookies or a fruitcake, here are some of the best Hallmark movies to watch.

You might find yourself binge-watching next year and the years after.

10. Once Upon A Christmas Miracle

Rated on the top of the list is “Once Upon a Christmas Miracle”. Heather (Aimee Teegarden) receives bad news from her doctor regarding her health.

She had liver complications and has less time to live if she does not find a donor fast. As fate has it for the kind souls, she stumbles upon Chris (Bret Dalton) who is a complete stranger in her life.

In her desperate plight for help, he offers to be her donor. They build a friendship as they get to know each other and later lead to much more. If this is not the best Christmas gift, what is?

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9. A Royal Christmas

Fairy tales do exist as depicted in “A Royal Wedding”. Emily, a self-driven hardworking woman falls in love with a handsome man.

As Christmas draws by, Leo, her boyfriend discloses to her a secret he has been keeping for a while that he is actually a prince and heir to the throne of Cordinia.

On arrival, she feels unwelcomed since she is a commoner. She moves back to Philadelphia after declining her boyfriend’s proposal.

The Queen, Leo’s mother is guilty of treating her badly and takes her son to propose to her and she accepts.

8. Crown For Christmas

The classic Hallmark Movie movies are corny but still deliver. Allie Evans and her siblings are struggling to make ends meet. She is a maid at a city hotel.

One of the guests leaves an expensive watch in his hotel room. Oblivious of his stature, Allie who is honest returns the watch to Maximillian who is a King.

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As luck proves not to be on her side, she is fired by her employer into the Christmas season. Later on, the King hires her to take care of her daughter and later falls in love with her.

7. A Veteran’s Christmas

Grace who is a marine is discharged goes back home for the Christmas holidays. Her car breaks down in the middle of nowhere until Joe who is a judge comes to her rescue.

He offers her a place to crash for the night as her car gets fixed. They later grow fond of each other but Joe is offered a state job away from town. He later turns down the job to build a relationship with Grace.

Hallmark movies do not disappoint with happy endings.

6. Christmas Getaway

Emory decides to take a break from work which involves traveling a lot. As the holidays closed in, Emory wants to spend her holiday season at a quiet place in a small town.

As fate is not on her side, she ends up booking the same place with a widower, her mother, and her daughter. This completely messed her plans but later on, they get into a relationship with Scott, the widower.

5. The Christmas Secret

Christine, who is a single mother loses her job and is battling in court with her divorced husband over their child. Christmas season is not merry for her at all. In all her hassle and bustle, she loses a valuable gift given to her by her grandfather. She is later offered a new job where she finds love again with the Jason who is the grandson to her new employer.

4. The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Hallmark always thrives during the Christmas season when it comes to family and love. Jennifer, who is a single mother, is not having it easy.

To add more salt to the injury, her father brings home a total stranger he met on his flight to her daughter’s place.

She is not pleased with her father’s move but later on tends to like Morgan and love is ignited in her life again.

3. The Christmas Card

Cody is serving in Afghanistan and receives a delightful letter from back home. He is discharged for the Christmas holidays and decides to trace its sender.

It gets twisted after he finds out the sender is almost getting married to her boyfriend. A move perfectly calculated by her boyfriend.

2. North Pole: Open For Christmas

Mackenzie is bequeathed a hotel and is so motivated to bring it back to its former glory. A group of elves show her how to run the hotel and to embrace the Christmas the right way.

1. A Very Merry Mix-Up

A twist in romance, that’s what you should be ready to expect. Alicia goes to visit her fiancé’s family in a foreign land for Christmas.

She falls in love with her in-laws but takes a liking for her brother-in-law.

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