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These Are The Best Inventions Of 2018

Source: ICON

Innovation and invention are a cornerstone of humanity and the reason our civilization has lasted for as long as we have. Designing and releasing an invention was once a rich person’s dream that required ridiculous amounts of seed money.

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With the advancements in invention technology, it has become a breeze for the everyday person to develop something themselves. 2018 was an eventful year all-around for technology. Here are some of best inventions developed over such an interesting year:

1. 3D Printed House

Printers are probably one of the best things ever invented. Ever since the printing of the Guttenberg Bible, we have seen a great deal of advancement in printing technology.

What’s more amazing the tech known as 3D printing. We have come so far that we are now able to print things like action figures and even fully functioning firearms.

One of the best things to come out of 2018 has to be the actual home created with the Vulcan 3D printer.

Vulcan, as the printer is called, is designed to print a 2,000-sq. in a single 24 hour period. ICON, the creators of Vulcan, are working with nonprofit New Story, to bring Vulcan to places like Latin America and the Caribbean, where finding proper housing is a problem for many.

2. Model Ci Wheelchair

Accessibility is a big problem in America. There has been so little innovation in the field of mobility for the disabled, some wonder if anyone is making the effort to help those who are wheelchair bound.

The Model Ci ($3,999), created by parent company Whill, aims to help out those limited by their environment. The specialized wheelchair boasts in front what are known as ‘omni-wheels’ that allow it to scale obstacles up to two inches in height and drive for up to 10 miles indoors or outdoors. It also allows it to navigate tight turns and corners other bulkier frames cannot.

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Since its initial release in January, the parent company says it has sold almost 10,000 units.

3. SweetFoam Shoes

Shoes are a multi-million dollar business. It’s also a business responsible for a great deal of pollution. Things like plastic shoelaces, aglets, and special logos are made from petroleum, a substance used to make things like gasoline and diesel oil.

A retail startup, AllBirds, has what can be considered are a revolutionary alternative to our traditional shoe-making materials: SweetFoam. The substance is made from discarded parts of sugarcane that would otherwise contribute further to pollution.

According to co-founder Joey Zwillinger, the ‘how-to’ of SweetFoam has been made “available to anyone who wants it, without question.”


There is no doubt you’ve been out shopping and have struggled to find anything that fit close to your size. Japanese retailer, ZOZO, is looking to revolutionize shopping for those struggling to find the right outfits to suit them.

The ZOZOSUIT, as it’s called, is a stretchy bodysuit covered in white dots that act as reference points for a companion mobile app. By using the app, customers can order clothing specific to their near-exact measurements ($58 jeans, $22 T-shirts).

“This is a new era,” says Yusaku Maezawa, CEO and founder of ZOZO. Maezawa hopes that with this new invention, standardized sizing in the fashion industry will eventually become a thing of the past.

ZOZOSUIT has already shipped nearly 2 million units since its first release in April in Japan.

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5. An “Invisible” Television

It’s always great to have a home theater to keep either your family or guests entertained. Sometimes the wires and extras become somewhat of an eyesore in the whole décor of the room.

Samsung, the tech giant, has come up with a new way to solve this problem. Their new 4K QLED TVs (starting at $1,099), feature a special setting called “ambient” mode. Consumers can display weather reports, personal photo albums, or other works of art. The ambient mode can also be used to ‘fade’ your television set into the color of the wall.

With all the necessary connectors in their separate place, the TV adds to the open space of the room.

6. Electric Skateboard

Green technology has taken center stage in recent years and for good reason. Boosted, a green technologies company has invented a new board known as the Mini. It weighs about 15 lb. and is about 29.5 in long.

It’s not for everyone, but if you can safely travel at speeds of 20 miles an hour on this thing, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint significantly.

7. Wizard’s Coding Wand

Kano, makers of the Kano Computer Kit, have come up with the Harry Potter Coding kit. Teaming up with Rowling’s literary agency and Warner Bros., the company was able to bring the magic of the Harry Potter universe and combine it with the magic of computer coding.

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