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Best Lower Back Pain Exercises To Ease Your Pain

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Back pains are excruciatingly painful but inevitable in the journey of life. While some back pains are triggered by old age, for some people poor lifestyle choices have affected their spinal health.

Back pains occur when the muscles in the back area become weak or tight. For most loosening of tight muscles, people require stretches. They are not the only way to fix it but they help. You should ensure you visit a doctor before engaging in any home remedy and exercise to know the extent of your damage and get the doctor’s prescription. Sometimes diving too fast into intensive exercises can worsen the damage.

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When someone experiences backaches, it is advisable to take on soft polite exercises as opposed to hard straining activities. Under no circumstance should a person with backaches start with lifting weights and running track. Instead, here are some recommended exercises guaranteed to alleviate back pain.

Leg Stretches

The leg has muscles attached to the back that are bound to ease the pain. The hamstring muscles at the back of your legs are usually tight when you experience backaches. Stretching them is necessary as it helps ease the pain.

To stretch your legs, lie on your back with your knees lifted. On one leg attach a cloth and lift the leg straight up to the ceiling. Try and nudge the straightened leg towards your face. Don’t overdo it though.

Wall Sits

Wall sits can take a toll on you if you sit on a wall for too long. Instead, learn to listen to your body when it says its enough. Start with a few seconds of wall sits a day and gradually work your way up. Just as the name suggests, this exercise involves you sitting on an imaginary seat leaning on the wall for support.

You start by standing in front of a wall with your back close to the wall. Then slowly go down into a suspended seating position and holding for a few seconds.


Taking swimming aerobics is a good way to engage your back muscles and make them more flexible.

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Bridges are great for getting those back muscles fired up. To pull them off, lie on your back with your knees lifted. Your feet should be on the floor and hip-distance apart. Then slowly lift your hips to the sky and hold for a few seconds. You will feel the muscles in your legs and lower back getting engaged.

Knee to chest stretch

Just as the name suggests, this exercise involves bringing your knee to your chest. To get started, lie flat on your back on a yoga mat. Once in this position, bring one of your knees into your chest and hold it there for a few seconds before releasing it into the other leg. This exercise helps to elongate and lengthen those tight back muscles.


It is called the Superman because it mimics a flying Calrk Kent through Smallville. This move is guaranteed to engage both your core and back muscles. Lie flat on your mat but this time with your face facing the floor. When ready, lift both your legs and arms to the sky.

Hip Stretches

Your hip flexor muscles are often affected when your back is in pain. Therefore, they also need stretching. To stretch these muscles, kneel with one knee on the floor and the other in front of your hips. In this position, push your hips in and stretch them. Do this on either hip to ensure they are both equally catered to. Stiff hips usually lead to someone acquiring a weird posture.

Cat Stretches

The cat stretches help to make the back stronger. Position yourself on your hands and knees. Then slowly bring your bellybutton into your spine thus elongating the back. Then release and repeat a few times.

Spine Stretch

This stretch goes to the heart of the matter, the spine. Take a comfortable sleeping on your back posture on your mat, to begin with. Ensure that your arms are stretched out on either side. Bring your knees up and hold them together. Then slowly, tilt your knees from left to right keeping the hands on the floor.

This exercise activates and flexes those spine muscles.

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