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Best Teas You Can Drink After A Workout

Anyone who has had a regular exercise schedule knows the difficulty of eating and drinking right. There are plenty of supplements available, but there is no guarantee your body will be able to process them. Here are a couple of teas that will help with that post-workout period of recovery:

1. Green Tea

The best part of this tea is how widely available it is, meaning it shouldn’t be hard to get ahold of. It’s a far better alternative than soda when it comes to consuming liquid after a workout.

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It helps to burn fat and turn that burning body fat into fuel your body can use. This makes it an excellent weight-loss aid. The caffeine content of green tea also makes it ideal for controlling hunger, and allowing you to burn additional calories and sweat out excess water.

2. Black Tea

A cheaper alternative to green tea, black tea is also great for a post-workout session.

It’s wonderful for giving you a much needed energy boost to carry you throughout the rest of the day, which should come as no surprise when it has more caffeine than its green counterpart.

It also contains high levels of antioxidants which can help to rid your body of toxins. Having your cholesterol levels slowly lowered after each workout isn’t such a bad thing either.

3. Ginger Tea

The point of most workouts is built on the end goal of developing muscle. As most athletic people know, exercise can lead to a lot of inflammation. This can cause stiffness and a lack of mobility.

Ginger Tea is known for its anti-inflammation properties and can help with sore muscles post-recovery.

4. Herbal Tea

Some people like to have what is known as a post-workout workout. This is a sessions in which people ‘wind down’ with less strenuous exercise. As you may already know, staying hydrated during any part of your workout is important.

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Unsweetened herbal tea is a great way to revitalize your mood and energy. Low in calories, it’s not heavy on the stomach and keeps the body hydrated.

Focusing on cardio for the moment? Have a drink of herbal tea after your workout to give yourself a boost to both mood and body.

5. Rooibos Tea

This tea originates from South Africa. “Rooibos” has its origins in Afrikaans and means “red bush.”

It is known to have high amounts of calcium, which is great for strengthening your bones and joints.

Your workout may involve tons of jumping or lifting grueling amounts of weight. Add Rooibos to your regimen to help speed up muscle recovery and you’ll feel less aches after your workout sessions.

It also contains asplathin, an antioxidant famous for boosting the body’s natural immunity to external illness.

Diabetics would benefit greatly from this, balancing blood sugar, glucose absorption by muscles, and boosting insulin secretion.

6. Sencha Organic

This is a great tea because it can be drank any time of day. It is packed with catechins, an antioxidant found to help reduce muscle damage, something that can be caused by exercise or other strenuous activity.

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7. Passionflower Tea

This is another great post-workout tea for winding down.

Benefits range from relieving anxiety and insomnia to lowering blood pressure. It also has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, making it a great tool to relieve those aching muscles.

The antioxidants contained within Passionflower tea have been found to inhibit many of the enzymes that cause inflammation. Its ability to lower blood pressure also makes it ideal for those afflicted with mild hypertension.

8. Oolong Tea

This one might seem a little too fancy to drink post-workout, but it might be better than some others. Studies have shown that oolong can help improve heart health in regular consumers.

If you’re looking for another tool in your weight-loss arsenal, this is a good tea. One study found it helped burn nearly 4% more calories per day than other tea.

This tea can also greatly promote bone strength, helping to lessen the stress you may feel on your joints during and after a workout. With higher bone density, you will be less prone to fracturing something while lifting weights or running on a treadmill.

While it may not be your ‘cup of tea’ to drink tea after a workout, finding the right one is simple. Add your favorite tea to the end of your exercise session and see the benefits for yourself.

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  • Joan1

    If you want to lose weight go for Oolong Tea. This tea really helped me with my weight loss and improving my health in general.

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    This is really an interesting topic. You should have at least 15 bullet points!

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    Yes, green tea is great, but it would be bad if you list as well what are things that may go wrong if you drink to much of it. Just in case!

  • Paul85

    I am in love with green tea. It specially helped me when I was on a mission of losing weight. Even today this tea is my number one choice.

  • Sandra Parson

    Black tea is ‘a must’ after post-workout session. It helps me every time to regain my energy level.

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