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20 Facts You Never Knew About Beverly Hills

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Some TV shows are popular forever, like ‘Beverly Hills,90210 show’. This TV show was a major hit from 1990 to 2000. ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ premiered on October 4th, 1990. This is still a big day in pop culture history.

Located in one of the most famous areas, beautiful and rich teens with real problems – what’s there not to love? But, do you know all the facts about this show? Do you know that a 2019 Beverly Hills reunion is speculated? We bet there are some more things you never heard of. Check them out!

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1. Beverly Hills Is Back

Dust off your 90’s outfit and create 90’s playlist: the original ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ crew is coming back! This TV show is getting a reboot and fans of retro teen soaps can’t wait for the show to kick off.

Original cast members are back, including Jason Priestley, Jennie Garth, Tori Spelling, Ian Ziering, Brian Austin Green, and Gabrielle Carteris. But, before the show starts, let’s take a walk through the memory lane.

2. It Was Based On ‘Thirtysomething’

Darren Star star was only 27 years old when a FOX network came to him and asked for a series about teenagers in Beverly Hills. At the time, Aaron Spelling was already signed as a producer.

The only show that Darren liked at the moment was ‘Thirtysomething’, and he wanted to create a TV show with real teenage problems. So, he mixed those two and Beverly Hills was born.

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3. Ian Ziering Disliked The Show

Ian had a very specific reaction to the script when he first read it. Moreover, his first reaction was – ‘Boy, this is very superficial.’

In addition, Ian also said that the pilot was all about the glamour. At the time, Ian couldn’t see that show was really issue-oriented.

4. Shannen Doherty’s Audition Was Awful

Shannen was sure that her audition for the part of Brenda Walsh was the fail. She was sure that she won’t get the role. However, someone had a different saying.

When she walked out from the reading and said that she – ‘blew it’, the casting director came out and kind of winked and said – ‘I wouldn’t count yourself out yet, kiddo.’ Shannen, being her true self, was – ‘O.K., whatever.’

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5. Brandon Walsh Was The Last Role Cast

Jason Priestley had a single weekend to prepare for this role. For some reason, they couldn’t find the perfect fit for Brandon, so Jason had to act fast.

Priestley read for Aaron on Thursday, got the job on Friday afternoon, and on Monday started filming. The rest is TV history.

6. Dylan McKay Was A Guest Star

Everyone’s favorite bad boy was planned to stay for just a few episodes, but Spelling was so pleased with Perry’s performance he decided to expand his part, from a guest star to a regular character.

The studio wasn’t pleased with this decision, but after some convincing, they gave a green light. Fun fact: Perry initially auditioned for the role of Steve Sanders. That role went to Ziering.

7. Tori Spelling Is Aaron Spelling’s Daughter

According to rumors casting directors had no clue that Tori was Aaron’s daughter. Her agent told her about the show and that her father is involved, so she auditioned under another name.

Originally, she auditioned for the role of Andrea, but she got Donna. Even today she believes that her dad had something to do with it.

8. Donna Made Virginity Cool

Donna was a supporting character and no one expected her to have the influence that she has. Some believe that Aaron could control his daughter character when he couldn’t control his daughter.

Sexuality became a big subject of the show, and Donna remaining the virgin was major for the fans. People would approach Tori and tell her how they are virgins and how they were scared that being a virgin would make them uncool. But, Donna made it okay.

9. Gabrielle Carteris Was The Oldest Cast Member

Gabrielle Carteris had to lie to get to play Andrea. At the time Gabrielle was 29 years old, so she lied about her age.

She never talked about her age and press outed her. A magazine found her age illegally in the DMV and shared that info with the world. At that moment the show was already popular and no one cared about her age.

10. One Summer Episode Changed Everything

‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ was far from an overnight success. All that changed with two strategic moves: Brenda losing her virginity and show running in the summer.

The second season aired in the summer, and every teenager with spare time was instantly pulled to the show. So, it was kind of summer success.

11. Not Everyone Loved Brenda And Dylan Sex Scene

The season one finale made fans happy, and only them. On the other hand, affiliates were shocked. They were shocked because Brenda was happy about having sex.

Because of affiliates rage, Darren had to separate them, because their relationship had gotten too mature. Therefore, the second season kicked off with Brenda and Dylan breaking up.

12. There Was A Bomb Threat

‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ was so big at one moment that people stooped talking about it and they started actually threatening. According to Jennie Garth, it was big.

When they were filming a graduation scene, someone hid a bomb underneath the bleachers. Garth’s reaction to it? Simple line – ‘Ooh! We hit it big!’

13. Beverly Hills High School Said – No To The Show

Beverly Hills High School wanted nothing to do with the show, so the production changed the school’s name to West Beverly High School. The filming took place in another school.

Torrance High School served as a filming location for West Beverly High School scenes. This school is 20 miles away from the original Beverly Hills High School. Torrance High School was so popular that Buffy the Vampire Slayer was also filmed there, including 90210 reboot.

14. They Were Not Saying – ‘Donna Martin Graduates’

In one episode students are protesting because they want Donna Martin to graduate with them. They are yelling ‘Donna Martin Graduates’. However, the truth is slightly different.

Jason Priestley discovered that people were actually yelling ‘Donna Martin Masturbates.’ He stated that in his 2014 memoir, ‘Jason Priestley: A Memoir’.

15. It Was Horror Behind The Scenes

Not everyone on the set was BFF’s and people reported that the tension sometimes was so high that it was worse than being in a high school. People were fighting about different things.

There was competition, anger about different salaries as the years progressed, and an enormous amount of unnecessary drama. But, the confusing thing was that no one was ready to confront production about conditions.

16. There Was Some Love Drama As Well

Not all the tension backstage was anger-driven. Interestingly, there was some love-drama involved as well. According to Priestley, people slept with each other over the years.

Priestley stated in his memoir that his own ‘first full-fledged adult relationship’ was with Christine Elise. Christine played bad girl Emily Valentine.

17. Tiffani Thiessen and Brian Austin Green Were A Real-Life Couple

Tiffani replaced Shannen Doherty in the fifth season, as Valerie Malone. At the time, she and Austin were dated and were much in love. Actually, they were so much in love that she had to kiss Perry.

In her first episode, she had to share a kiss with the show’s bad boy, Luke Perry. Afterward, she said to Austin – ‘I get paid for this, honey. I don’t know what to tell you.’

18. No Sunglasses And No New Hairstyles

Aaron believed that everything is in the eyes. Therefore, he always said – ‘Let them see it in your eyes before they hear it in your words.’ So, ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ is the only TV show without sunglasses.

Interestingly, Aaron would go crazy if an actor or actresses would make a massive hair change.

19. Hilary Swank Was Fired From The Show

Hilary had a role of Carly Reynolds, a single mom in the show’s eighth season. She was also a Steve Sanders’s love interest. Initially, she was contracted for two years, but unfortunately, she was fired only after 16 episodes.

Hilary said that she was ‘devastated’ when she was let go. But, hey! Nowadays, she is known as a two-time Oscar winner, so things went to her favor.

20. BH90210

There are so many characters that we loved from this TV show and they affected generations. So, are you ready to see beloved Walsh twins again, 20 years later?

Stay tuned as the premiere is coming soon. August 7, 2019, is set as the premiere date. So, save the date!

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