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How Bill Gates Spends His $110 Billion

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Forbes magazine is responsible for ranking the world’s top business companies and the richest men and women in the world. The world’s second-richest man, Bill Gates is worth a staggering $106 Billion dollars.

How can someone who has dedicated his whole in the past couple of years to philanthropy still be on the list the highest-ranking billionaires? According to Forbes magazine rich list 2019, Bill Gates was beaten to the top by the Amazon founder Jeff Bazos.

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Competition for the wealthiest in the world has been stiff but the top five is nothing without Bill Gates, investment tycoon Warren Buffet, telecom big shot Carlos Slim Helu, Jeff Bazos and social media game-changer Mark Zuckerberg.

Bill Gates And Microsoft

The tech giant co-founded software company Microsoft with his friend Paul Allen (deceased) back in 1975.

He later stopped working full-time at Microsoft, stepped down as chairman of Microsoft and sold his shares and was left with 1% and is still a board member at the company he co-founded and became a technology advisor.

Not so many people like to be associated with or called nerds but it is evident that they are the ones standing tall and having the last laugh.

Most of them are the richest of the richest attributing it to the milestones they have made with making things easier and simplified through technology.

Bill Gates Early Life

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Growing up in Seattle with his two sisters and parents William H Gates who was an attorney and mother, Mary Gates who was a teacher, lived a simple life, as he is living it now but differently from how he grew.

His love for technology and computers started to form a young age. Bill Gates dropped out of college (Harvard) to start his company alongside Paul Allen, his childhood friend.

They had a dream and a vision that they would make it possible for every business and household would be able to have a computer and desktop. Bill and Allen, later on, launched Windows 1.0 in 1985, ten years later after the inception of their dream after they started their company.

Bill Gates Foundation

Bill Gates is now working full time with his wife who is co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The foundation is aimed at providing equal opportunities and health services to the less privileged.

The foundation also funds projects and medical research to combat malaria worldwide. He and his wife founded the organization in 2000. Last year, they gave out over $30 billion of their wealth in their good course but still manage to remain wealthy. This is because they have made smart investments on stocks that have generated magnificent returns of up to over $15 billion this year alone.

Even in his simple life, with all that money and wealth, Bill Gates knows how to live a little. He has an estate in Washington valued to be over $120 million which he spent over $1 billion on taxes, a couple of luxury branded cars and a private jet which cost him $40 million, I mean, he is a billionaire.

Unlike Warren Buffet he counterpart in the list of top billionaires who do not believe in spending “haphazardly”.

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Bill Gates Millionaire

Billionaires have been known to value their privacy and would spend loads of money to make that happen.

Bill Gates bought a 4.5 acre of land in Wellington, Florida which is his vacation ranch and to top it all, just to show how he values privacy, he bought off properties around the area in which he spent $25 million.

He bought the area as a gesture of support to his daughter who is an equestrian. That not being enough, he also bought a 228-acre land which boasts of a racetrack, barns and an orchid which cost him over $15 million in Rancho Pasadena.

Since wealth accumulation is not just the money one has at the bank rather than the intangible assets that grow in value as time goes by, he also owns a ranch in Wyoming that sits on a 494-acre piece of land valued in which he spent over $8 million.

Bill and Melinda have been blessed with two daughters and a son. They live with the principle of not spoiling their children but to grow with the values of hard work.


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