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How Ridiculously Different These Biracial Twins Look At 18 Years Old

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1. Biracial Twins That Look Like Complete Opposites

On the day of delivery, both parents were shocked to see their twins with completely different skin tones. If you think they look dissimilar now, you won’t believe how they look as college freshmen…

Parents Donna and Vince Aylmer were excited and nervous for Donna’s ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy of their fourth child. They were told news they were not prepared for…that they would be having twins!

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2. Their Parents

Twins Maria and Lucy Aylmer were born on January 16, 1997, in Gloucester, England. Though their parents were married at the time of their birth, they eventually divorced and co-parented the twins as best they could.

Donna Aylmer now goes by Donna Douglas once again. Both parents came from different ethnic backgrounds, which contributed to the skin color of their twins…

3. Different Ethnic Backgrounds Of Their Parents

Donna is half Jamaican while Vince is Caucasian. Instead of giving birth to mixed skin tone babies, they welcomed one white and one black child into the world.

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Donna was a 49-year-old warehouse worker at the time and Vince was a 55-year-old scaffolder. So, were the twins identical or not?

4. Non-Identical Twins

Lucy and Maria were actually born as non-identical twins, from separate eggs, so they didn’t inherit all of the same exact genes. The mother came from a mixed Jamaican heritage, so she possessed both Afro-Caribbean and white skin.

It was a completely blind draw on what skin color the twins would end up with.

5. A Surprised Mother

When Lucy (left) was a little older, she spoke of her mother to an interviewer for the Daily Mail. “It was such a shock for her because things like skin color don’t show up on scans before birth.

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So she had no idea that we were so different. When the midwife handed us both to her she was just speechless.”

6. Dressing The Same

Like most mothers of twin babies, Donna chose to dress the girls in the exact same outfits. This confused most strangers, because it was quite obvious the girls weren’t related at all, or so they presumed.

Even at such a young age, they looked nothing alike and didn’t even appear to be from the same family, let alone twins. So how did their siblings look?

7. Their Siblings

Older brothers George, 25, and Jordan, 23, have a light-brown skin tone. Chynna, who is 24 years old, is the twins’ older sister, and she has the same complexion as the boys.

In contrast, Lucy’s skin is pale white and very fair. Maria’s is very dark.

8. Their Grandmother

“Our brothers and sisters have skin which is in between Maria and I. We are at opposite ends of the spectrum and they are all somewhere in between.

But my grandmother has a very fair English rose complexion, just like mine,” said Lucy to a Daily Mail interviewer, when she was almost 18 years old. So what else is different besides skin?

9. Eyes And Hair

Lucy’s eyes are a blue-green hue, and Maria’s are dark brown, matching her hair. Lucy looks like she could pass off as a true Irish girl, with beautiful natural red hair.

Maria’s hair is a wild web of thick black curls, filled with sass. Maria hated her hair though…

10. What They Each Don’t Like

Maria, when she was older, told Inside Edition, “I used to cry about it. I hated my curly hair.” What did Lucy hate? Her pale skin. Peers at the twins’ middle school would bully Lucy about how fair her complexion was.

“They thought I was adopted and called me a ghost,” she said, wiping away tears while shooting the Inside Edition video interview.

11. Can’t Fool Anyone!

“We were in the same class, but no one had a problem telling us apart. Twins are known for swapping identities, but there was no way Maria and I could ever do anything like that,” Lucy said.

Unfortunately, the twins had to miss out on one of the funniest perks of being a twin: tricking teachers! What other “twin things” did they miss out on?

12. They Share The Same Pain

When asked if the girls had any psychic bond with one another, they stated that they did not, but that they sometimes experience the same physical pains in the same places at the same time. Creepy, right?

People think of telepathy as being an isolated skill or a difficult and rare ability which is unreachable by the average folk. This in not true. Telepathy is present in each one of us, at least to a certain degree.

13. Lucy Straightens Her Hair

Lucy admitted that as she got older she started to straighten her hair, because it was so naturally curly.

She wears it pin straight now! It was never ringlet curly like Maria’s, however.

14. Time To Dress Differently

By the time the girls turned 7 years old, they told their mother to stop dressing them in identical outfits. They put their feet down. “We don’t look alike. So why should we have to wear the exact same thing?” Lucy said.

She admitted she didn’t feel like a twin. So how do the girls look now that they dress differently and are getting ready to enter college? Well…

15. How The Young Ladies Look Today!

Introducing the 18-year-old twins, Lucy and Maria! Here they are embracing the style they each love and the hairstyles and makeup that enhances each of their beautiful physical features.

You would never guess they were even sisters, right? They took a lot of stunning photos for their recent interviews…

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