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The Worst Black Friday Accidents In History

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Black Friday is the “official” non-official day for shoppers around the world. It is official because it has its date set for the fourth Thursday of the month of November after Thanksgiving Day in the United States.

It is also “non-official” since it is not a holiday. Thanksgiving Day comes before Christmas shopping. Shoppers and bargainers look forward to this day because of the massive price reduction and sales during the season.

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Retailers tend to off-load most of their products to pave way for new stock and merchandise.

Black Friday Madness

Black Friday shopping spree has become a norm not only in the United States but is embraced all over the world.

Everyone is at a state of euphoria and pumped up with adrenaline ready to rush and get the best deals on turkey for Thanksgiving, clothes, television sets, video games, clothing, shoes and many more.

Many people tend to camp outside stores in long queues just to get a piece of the bargain.

Online shoppers find it easy to shop in the comfort of their homes and have to be fast in clicking. In the spirit of shopping, evil creeps in, in the most brutal way many cannot imagine.

Here are some of the tragic accidents that have taken place on this “sacred shopping” day.

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Death By Stampede

In the spirit of the moment, once store doors are open, all if not most of the shoppers who were waiting on the other side of the closed doors want to rush in and grab what they can.

Many shoppers are either in desperation or too excited to wait and move in a timely yet calm fashion. Unfortunately, some are pushed or tripped down either maliciously or by mistake.

With more than a thousand shoppers rushing in fast, no one is cautious of what is beneath them and end up stepping on someone on the ground. Cases of death have been reported and many left with life-changing injuries.

Some stores have adopted a way to curb this by allowing a certain number of shoppers in a systematic way.

Parking Spot Brawls

Battle for parking spots for shoppers who are trickling in stores and others leaving is a common thing because of the spur of the moment.

Many pedestrians have sustained head injuries, spinal fractures, and internal bleeding as a result of being hit by a car or some being beat up and robbed. In the US, there was a case of a man who went to rescue a woman from thieves but ended up being shot and left for dead.

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In-Store Injuries: Crushed By Boxes And Slammed By Carts

As customers rush in, for what looks to be like a “Hunger Games” movie scene, to grab TV boxes, microwaves and much heavy merchandise- shoppers sustain injuries too.

They risk being crashed by heavy merchandise and crushed. In the process of rushing in between isles, some have been left with clipped fingers and smashed feet. Some have been hit by carts and spraining their hips.

Some stores have curbed this by having plastic shopping carts.

Violence: Stabbings, Shootings And Fights

Brawls from the parking lots where shoppers are quite aggressive in securing parking spots, there was a case of a shopper being shot over parking space.

At Wal-Mart in the US, a deranged shopper opened fire towards shoppers who were busy securing merchandise. Pepper spray has also been used as a deadly weapon.

A woman sprayed pepper spray to a couple of shoppers waiting in line and made away with an Xbox causing mild injuries to the eyes and hindered normal breathing due to choking.

Some have also been subjects of violent stabbings resulting from a misunderstanding or someone grabbed an item that was already taken. Others have their checkboxes but the merchandise they are looking for is out of stock hence bullying others and stealing.


A pregnant woman who went shopping for her soon to be born baby was in dismay after she miscarried inside a Wal-Mart store. Due to the shoving and being squeezed through the sliding doors, she ended up miscarrying.

This was one of the saddest accidents ever experienced. The door hinges were knocked down in the process. Such incidences can cause a life long trauma.

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