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Boogie Water-Land – Freedivers Organize a Disco Party Under Water

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The ocean is a great place to do many things. If one is so inclined, they might choose to surface the large waves on a board or take a boat out for some deep sea fishing. Those, of course, are activities involving the ocean that people would see as “normal.” But what about dancing IN the ocean?

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The ocean, no matter what part of the world you live in, has creatures that make you question whether or not you should even jump into the water. Certain creatures might be attracted to certain movements or colors, but a group of divers showed no fear as they boogied down.

Off the coast of Bali, Indonesia, divers participated in what has to be one of the weirder ways to spend time in the ocean. This year, 140 divers participated in the annual “Boogie water-land” event, where people dress up in their best disco-style costumes and dance to funky music.

Adam Stern, a diving instructor working in Bali, said that the number of participants this year was an unofficial record for the most people free diving at one time. (Freediving is a form of diving in which the person does not carry an oxygen tank).

Instructor Harry Webber brought out a disco ball to add to the fun. After it was brought to the USAT Liberty wreck, everyone in attendance dove down 10 meters and danced around the disco ball.

During the week, instructors run exercises train other divers and generally have fun exploring the wrecks in the surrounding area.

While dancing underwater may not seem like a strenuous activity, doing so while free diving is even more difficult. It is very impressive that everyone was able to stay under for as long as they did.

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Think you got the moves to hang with Adam Stern and his divers?

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